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Please help! Internal pain during intercourse, what is it?

Hey everyone... This is an issue that has been driving me crazy the past few months.....Some background info; I am a 19 year old female. I have been having sex with my boyfriend since October 2015 - It was not until November 2015 that I began experiencing these symptoms. He is rather large in size.
*I should also include the fact that I began taking prozac about a week before my symptoms started - which has led me to believe this may have been the cause. However, I stopped taking the prozac roughly 3 weeks after I started, and the pain has persisted.

Anyway, here's the problem. I have a deep stinging/burning sensation when my boyfriend enters me during intercourse, which has progressed to a harsher pain which seems to be located at the left inner wall of my vagina. The pain is very uncomfortable, and although it isn't unbearable, I find myself holding my breath and biting my lip to get through the initial penetration. The pain goes away after a few thrusts, and as I begin to get wetter. I have gone to 3 doctor's appointments regarding this pain since early November 2015, when the pain started. Prior to this issue, I had a UTI which was healed by antibiotics. During the first appointment I made, the doctor suggested it was a yeast infection. She gave me an antibiotic for that... Weeks later, the pain was still there. The next appointment I made was with a gynecologist who did a pelvic exam and found nothing unusual - did another urine test for UTI, there was nothing. So.... weeks later I decided to get a pelvic sonogram, hoping they'd see something. Once again, nothing. By this point I was really upset, considering I was still experiencing the pain. I made an appointment the next day with the nurse practitioner. She did another pelvic exam and did a culture test for STD'S. Everything turned out fine, besides an overflow of bacteria which I was given antibiotics for. The nurse listened to my symptoms really well when I told them to her, and she told me she was sure it was just dryness. I expressed my concern about vulvodynia or vaginitis to her, and she said that was ridiculous and I didn't have that. Because my pain was only during intercourse, it was likely to be dryness.....So since taking the antibiotics for the overflow of bacteria, I have experienced less dryness for sure... however, the deep pain in the left wall is still there!!!
My boyfriend and I have even tried to refrain from having sex for 2 weeks at a time, and the pain has still been there afterwards. I am at a loss for what may be causing this pain/stinging sensation... Although I am not dealing with dryness anymore, Is it possible the pain could have been caused by my boyfriend going "too hard" at a time when I was dry, and it still has not healed? Do you think that If I refrained from sex for another 2+ weeks this issue would be healed??

Looking for some serious insight. Thank you so much!
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