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Recovering from Bartholin Cyst

I am feeling so overwhelmed at the moment.
I am a 24 year old type 1 diabetic who just had a marsupialisation of a barthon cyst 4 days ago. I am meant to be going on a 4 month trip in a camper van up the east coast of Australia next week and my doctor gave me very conflicting advice.
On one hand she said the travelling will be fine as long as i am able to wear baggy clothing and stand up every 2-3 hrs. I will still have to try to keep the wound very clean and sterile somehow she said…
She also then said waiting a week may be wise for the healing process and that i will need to continue sitz bath’s a week after the stitches have fallen out (when i asked her when this would be she couldn’t give me a timeline)
I am just wondering if anyone has been through the same and could advise wether i am letting this all get to my head or if i really should postpone my travel a week. I know it’s not a long time to wait but i have put so much money and effort into this van it feels disheartening to have my Vagina suddenly ruin it a week out.
Any advice at all would be appreciated.
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If you're meant to be going in a week, and the doctor said to wait a week, are you saying that the question is whether to go in two weeks instead of one?

Is the trip alone or with someone else? If you're going by yourself, it seems like you could just see how the healing is going in a week, and make a determination then. If someone else's schedule will be affected by you taking a more relaxed attitude about the day you leave, talk to them and see if it will be affected a lot or just a little.
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Also, possibly you've thought of this, but if your sitzbaths are to be in saline water (the kind of formula that is around an ounce of Epsom salt to a gallon of water) one thing you could do is boil some gallons of water and add the salt, and pack them for the road. You would then have a sterile solution for a sitzbath available any time you wanted to "sitz" (take along a big plastic dishpan or something else handy).  You even could take one whenever you took a break from driving, so you wouldn't worry about infection.
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