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Related to hygiene then health.

I have had used sanitary napkins of 6 months dumped in my dustbin. I finally decided to throw it off. I was throwing all in a garbage bag and suddenly noticed red yellow non moving bugs in the pads and on my hands. Later used the gloves to clean but it was too late.  Washed my hands with lots of soap and water. But probably touched lot of things in the house.
Anyone has had similar experience? I have really bad health OCD and extremely worried about this..
I know it is gross and It has happened yesterday night and I still disgusted about it till today.
I am now cleaning the house every 30mins.
Is it possible I could have transferred the bug eggs on my tap and then consumed it or something?
Ewww.. more worried about my family then me at this point.
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If the bugs were not even moving, they weren't laying eggs, and you did wash your hands. Try not to worry. Do some stress-relief actions (deep breaths, visualizations, exercise) so it won't prey on your mind. Remember, the OCD is the problem, not the trigger. A friend of mine has fish, and the first time she syphoned the water for cleaning the tank and accidentally got some in her mouth, she ran around gagging, gargling with hydrogen peroxide, etc. Now if some gets in her mouth, she just spits, wipes her mouth on her shirt and keeps cleaning the tank. It's not the gross thing, it's how calmly you shrug it off, that matters.
Actually didn't notice much at that time and didn't think much about it too. But I did spray cockroach spray on them, so may be they died because of it. Later sprayed the phenyl in the dustbin.
I do have pretty OCD so I can't
Even remember if I washed my hands after that or not. Scary. I think may be we can't even do much about it.
Even if I go to a physician I guess they would just ask me to wait it out right?
If you don't see a therapist specializing in managing OCD, I encourage you to do it. Believe it or not, OCD is treatable. It's not something you are stuck with. Ask your regular doctor to recommend someone, or look on the Internet for OCD treatment specialists. My son had garden-variety OCD and working with a therapist made it go away in a surprisingly short time.
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I think your scenario you are worried about is unlikely.  What do you do to treat your OCD?  Start there, really.  This is very important.
Nothing, do you have any suggestions for my OCD? It actually is taking half of my life.
I really feel what if the eggs or the germs come it contact with the open wound.  My finger was kind of skinned because of some injury and his flesh is exposed, also kind of worried if the germs/eggs could get transferred to the tap and while brushing or something we unknowingly  ingested it.
You keep mentioning "the tap." Is that a word for the faucet? And you're saying someone might get these invisible items on their hand from the faucet handle?

Probably you cleaned any bacteria off of it, and there wouldn't have been eggs on the handle because they would not have been invisible. Please, you are just making yourself crazy. Admittedly, you saw something gross in the trash, and accidentally touched it before realizing what it was. But you have washed. Do some stress exercises for the OCD and let the image go, don't stew over it.
I don't know what part of the world you live in but is mental health care available?  Here we have psychiatrists that may do talk therapy but often manage medications (and there are choices in treating OCD), psychologists (talk therapy and behavioral therapy) and medication as I mentioned. These things combined give great response for OCD.  Is your health care system such that you can look into this?  

I know that letting go can be hard with OCD.  Reality often doesn't matter.  Do you have a hard time throwing away garbage?  Just wondering why the 6 month buildup of pads was even there.  This can be part of OCD if hanging onto trash for too long is happening.  The issue that you perceive with bugs and eggs is most likely part of the ocd and not realistic for affecting you.  Glad you washed, that should take care of it.  Let us know how it goes.
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