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I have been experiencing quite a few problems when taking birth control pills in US. I thought I would have a better result here, since everything that comes from US to Brazil is considered to be the best.
I noticed that none of the pills I have tried here were comfortable to use as far as side effects, which I did not experience in Brazil. Weather transitions, geographic location and some environment influence might as well be considered, because I have noticed that none of my Latin-American friends have kept the same health situation as they would in their origin place of birth, etc etc. Anyway, I have a lot to say about the contraceptives that I have tried here, and none of them satisfied me at all. Weight gain and depression were the most common side effects I have gone through when taking  Loestrin 30 (ethinylestradiol, norethisterone) and once I decided to put the Implanon (etonogestrel) – I could only handle it inside for 7 months and it was awful all the way out. I have never had so many side effects as this one. I would say I had all in one because I had nausea, headaches (which sometimes lasted for 3 consecutive days), depression, stomachache, oh my! Finally I decided to have it removed and the so called specialists in my area failed in both ways – insertion and removal – there are only 2 ObGyn for that matter and both failed when inserting (the doctor was reading the manual while inserting it) and the other could not take it out, telling me that it was not supposed to be inserted that deep. Final result: I had to go to a General Surgeon who has never done that, but removed it from my arm…. I felt like a released woman from all the torments I have been through. It hurts after the surgery, but that is inevitable. I am willing to try the injection Depo-provera (medroxyprogesterone) because one of my country – surround area friend who lives here told me to take it because she used to and it was very good. Now she decided to have the tube-ligation. She is doing fine after all. Any ideas anybody on this Depo-provera??? Thanks in advance and good Luck!  
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I've never used the Depo, but grew up working in medical offices and know that many women prefer them.

You seem to have had alot of problems with US birth control, but also that you've done some research.  I have had to make several changes in regards to my birth control (usually pills) due to a medical condition that I have (PCOS).  In my most resent research, I found that different pills have such different hormone levels and variations.  

I'm not sure if you've through of this, or tried it.  Maybe check out which pills worked best for you in "your native country" and find out the mixture of hormones (formula).  Then, ask a pharmacist or try to look online to find which pills here have the closest match.  

I've learned that the pill Yazmin has the best hormone mix for people with PCOS (according to research), but it's on the market under a different name in Canada and Europe.  

I'm not sure this would work for you ... but it's worth a try.  
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