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Yeast infections that won't go away!

So I started getting an infection a few months ago, maybe in the end of January. Maybe in February. The point is that it's been a few months. It is now the end of April and my infection has not gone away. I only have 3 symptoms, smell, thick discharge and a little uncomfortable feeling when peeing. My pee is also cloudy which I feel like isn't normal. I went to urgent care and tried 2 weeks worth of Cephalexin, 500 mg that I had to take 2 capsules everyday every 12 hours. did not work at all.

I should also mention that I am very prone to getting infections while on antibiotics of any kind.  It really ***** when I'm on an antibiotic for my infection. I also have taken a Z Pack, and have tried over the counter treatment 2 day Monistat capsules. After those 2 options didn't work, I went back to urgent care again and the doctor gave me 4 pills of Diflucan. Hasn't worked at all. I also should mention that I was sexually active with my boyfriend during the whole 2-3 months of me having an infection. Foreplay and all so I'm wondering if maybe something might be wrong with him?

I also didn't do anything about the infection for about a month. I am regretting all of this and I don't know what to do. I feel like there's no other options. I have a Dr. Ob/Gyn appointment next Thursday May 7th to get a pap smear and STD testing. I feel theres no other options but to embarrassingly do those two things. my boyfriend refuses to get STD testing done but that's not really my problem, I just need to find out what's wrong with me. If anyone at all can help, please reply.
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Your doctor can help.  I agree that antibiotics can just as easily cause a yeast infection as cure one.  Please go over the whole thing with your doc.
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you probably got an std that was the first thing you should have checked
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if not that, maybe your not cleaning yourself right. & question do you guys use condoms the few last times yall had sex?
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