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cystocele, and rectocele diagnosis

my gyn. staged my cystocele and rectocele as a stage one.  that stage usually requires nothing. i'm having problems with everyday passing stool because there is so much pressure from the rectocele that it's buldging out the vagina, ... only buldges out while passing stools and then the rectocele doesnn't protude without pressure.  however, when i see this with just everyday life, it makes me uncomfortable, the last  doctor said i should do nothing at this point, but i might have to do some surgery later.  i say he's wrong.  i also have a dropped bladder, and do have some leakage, exp. with coughing, sneezing. i 'm 45 yr. old with a 7 year old,  single mom.  do alot of heavy lifting at work, but don't really have a choice in my work.  i went to a urologist two years ago about bladder problems and he wanted to do surgery then, but i didn't do anything, until i went to a gyn. yesterday with this rectocele problem, and he said not to do surgery yet.    what should i do?  wait till the bottom falls out?  i'm feeling , not too comfortable.

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See a urogynecologist, they specialize in all 5 types of pelvic organ prolapse. If you do heavy lifting at work it's probably really aggravating the situation and you should be wearing a pessary and/or an abdominal support brief. A urogyn will be able to confirm what all kinds of POP you have and what your treatment options are.
Pelvic Organ Prolapse: The Silent Epidemic
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