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is it normal to bleed and burn while peeing after being fingered?

Today I got fingered and it wasn’t for the first time. I am not a virgin. I started bleeding and now it burns to pee.
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I don't think this is really 'normal' but happens.  That area is very vascular. There are blood vessels on places like your cervix which can get irritated and bleed. Or yes, a cut.  So, the burning . . . is this while you are peeing like from inside of you around where the pee comes out or the urethra or is it when the pee hits the area.  Those are two different things.  When we have a cut or something like that, urine will make it sting when it hits it.  But if we have something like a urinary tract infection, it burns when we are actually peeing especially as the stream comes to an end.  We often have an urge to go more frequently too.  Which one is it more like?  If it is stinging when you urinate from pee hitting it, then you can get a squirt bottle with room temp water and squirt it as you go to the bathroom on the area.  It helps a lot.  This is what they have new mama's due after having a baby when they have vaginal tears.  Things when they heal also can begin to itch, so that may occur also if this is the case of vaginal tears.  If it hurts AS you pee from the inside, then you have to see a doctor as that is possibly a UTI and requires antibiotics.  That can happen if fecal matter is transferred from your anus during fingering accidentally to your urethra.  It easily happens and something to be careful of.  

And agree to tell your partner not to be rough.  Sometimes they have no idea and you aren't supposed to have issues after what is supposed to be a feel good experience.  good luck
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It burns as the pee is coming out At first it felt like as if it was hitting a cut and just stinging but now it feels like I have a UTI. It’s been 3 days and I am still bleeding and I am swollen
Ya, bleeding after 3 days is not normal for fingering unless your period actually started.  But, you want to get the UTI issue checked out!  Let us know what the doctor says----  glad you have an appointment tomorrow.  You can try drinking cranberry juice now.  Probably won't do much but it is an old home remedy.  good luck
Hey thanks for the advice but just an update. The doctor thought it was hsv 2 but after testing me and checking me everything came out negative and it was just a cut
Well, I'm glad to hear it was just a cut and not hsv 2!  :>)  Hopefully you are all better now and can put this behind you!  thanks for letting us know how things turned out!
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Sounds like it might have been a little too rough and you may have gotten cut.  Have you been feeling better since you posted?  It should heal, but if it continues to get worse, just have your doctor take a look- it's important to make sure that hands are washed and your partner is gentle- if it hurts, tell them.  Hope you are feeling better!
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No I am still in pain down there and it’s still bleeding. It still burns when I pee. But I made a gyn appointment for tomorrow.
I’m having the same problem ., I’m not bleeding it’s just burns when I pee , does it go away overtime or do I need to make an appointment or is there anything that will help it heal faster
Brook123432, Is it any better? Can you give us an update?
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