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lump on ribcage UNDER breast

hello, i have a small hard lump under my breast on the ribcage, it has nothing to do with my breast, just the ribcage, the lump is the size of a small marble does not hurt or move, nut i can notice it when i feel my ribs, nothing on the other side like it, went to see one doc and she didnt examine the other side, just my breast, which i told her it wasnt, it was on my rib, she said it was part of my rib and to go away basically. iv not noticed it before. now i dont know if i should go back for another oppinion or if im being silly over nothing?
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I too have thispnot under my left breast, had xray done didnt show up ,had a ct done today so maybe I will finally find out what this is. Im so freaking out. Gotta wait for the doc to call me with the results.I will post when he calls.
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Found a lump had a biopsy it came back benign and doctors didnt trust report and sent it off again for another check.....1st report said Benign Spindle Cell Lesion and havent got 2nd report back yet and its been almost a month and lump has doubled in size and very painful!  What should I expect?
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Followup with doctor or request copy of second report.  It's been lost in the red tape.  Test results are back within ten days.  Don't be afraid to be assertive, it is your body and your life.
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What did report say?  
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