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Ok so im 16 weeks and i really need help. Negative comments are the last thing i need. I recently found out my due date and i have a stro...
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Seven years ago I lost my virginity when I was raped by a friend at a house party. I had told him no and couldn't get away. I didn't say ...
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2 weeks ago, my son was sleeping next to my boyfriend (I’ve been dating my new boyfriend for a year) My 3 yr old woke up crying ( I was i...
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Okay, back in December I was in a rough place in my life, making many bad decisions. I attended a small get together where there was drin...
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My little cousin is 7 years old. His dad is veryyyy strict and very abusive towards him, his 12 year old sister and his wife. He's both m...
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Hi, recently I got married and on our honeymoon he informed me that if I go to the bathroom (pee or poop) or pass gas in our new house h...
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  AnnieBrooke,    Eviedechant,    Dawndjs,    Nighthawk61,    luccky15081979
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Please help me get out of a very emotionally abusive and hurtful relationship with the father of my unborn baby, who has cheated and impr...
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  Ndaloy,    Nighthawk61,    Nighthawk61,    Nighthawk61
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Hi I am a 29yr old female and in 2001 something happened to me whilst holidaying in Turkey. I was 15 at the time and my mum and I deci...
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I started dating a guy about a year and a half ago. Took me on dates, made me feel wanted. Was great with affection until I caught him ta...
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  Nighthawk61,    Stiffy82,    Nurse2Help,    AnnieBrooke
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OK so where do I begin.. My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years. 2 years ago he confessed to me an experience that happened w...
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Hi. I'm gonna try and make this quick. My parents have physically and emotionally abused me since I was little. My first memory is of my ...
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In the past: Shadow & I were friends since we were kids, but then when Shadow moved away, Shadow befriended Skye. (using nicknames.) B...
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When I was younger (about 10) my family went church. There was this guy there that I instantly hated. Nobody in my family even disliked h...
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  Nighthawk61,    RockRose,    AnnieBrooke
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From the time our relationship became serious when we were 21 years of age (we are in our 50s now) my then-girlfriend, then-fiancee, and ...
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When I was about 15, my nephew who was 2 years older than me coerced his sister and I to touch him and help him ejaculate. He even asked ...
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I have a soon to be 19 year old son that has gotten way out of control with how he treats me. March 29, 2009 he watched a friend die ....
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Please help: Trying to help a friend protect her 3 year old Daughter from an abusive Father and I can use some advice to help them throug...
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  Nighthawk61,    Nighthawk61,    Nighthawk61,    Paris1324
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Okay so I am a 28 year old female, married for 3 years now, no kids yet. This was a night that happened to my many years ago I was around...
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  Nighthawk61,    Ireadalot2,    AnnieBrooke
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I am desperate for help. Last summer my world fell apart when my 26 year old daughter send me a message that her father had molested her ...
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  tooga,    tooga,    Evergreens,    Notplayingwithaddys4905,    Nighthawk61
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I just turned 16. Last year, August 23 2015,I was going to commit suicide when my sister found out she left Mississippi to come get me in...
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