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This is a chat group for anyone who needs to vent about thier problems with addiction to opiates (including methadone), benzos, tranquilizers, sedatives, alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine and any other drug that is causing you problems in your life or that have become a normal part of your life, like drinking water and eating.

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I am an crystal meth, hard liquor, pot smoker addict. My habit is using all 3 drugs combined! Also done Xanax, smoked weed waxe, anti depressants/anxiety pills and more.. I was misinformed on what "JUNKIE" meant. As a kid I heard it ...
badweed69 | Posted
I'm a 34 yr old mom, and an addicted to meth, my husband knows bc i told him, but he keeps saying you have till this date to stop ect. I need to find a good rehab ( or can i do this at home) befor i loose him and my 2 kids
chrisy04 | Last answer
Ok so I usually take adderall 30 mg instant /x daily... But I ran out so I got some meth..:/ and took 3capsules with a little bit in each throughout the day... Well the come down ***** and I wanna sleep badly. My question is .. CAN I...
Nuna333 | Posted
How do I stop taking cocaine I need help
Dessy1006 | Posted
I am so lost, I have been using cat on and off for the last 11 years but started using heavy the last 5 months as I broke up with my girlfriend of 9yrs as she was a big trigger to the abuse, don't know how to be strong alone and I just c...
colt2800 | Posted
Hi all, I am new to this group. Need input. Been on methadone for 15 years and have been on a dose as high as 135 mgs daily. As of last year, got down to 40 mgs daily. Stopped the methadone cold turkey 2 weeks ago and 2 days after, I...
Juls711 | Posted
10 days clean off of Suboxone. its been a nightmare but am hanging in there the best I can. Im absolutely terrified of how long this will go one, I guess I have good days and bad days and this is a bad day! Im alone a lot during the day,...
ScarrieAnne | Posted
I've been on hydrocodone for 2 years, am now totally addicted. I've tried quitting but the withdrawal is too bad and I have to work - can't take a week or 2 off to detox. I was concerned about my liver b/c my OB put me on an OTC called...
MegGriffin | Posted
I am in my first day of stopping cold turkey the last pill i took was last night around 8pm. I am at work today monday from 9-8pm and i must say it's going by a little more pleasant than what i thought. In the morning i felt really rough...
s35234n | Posted
Ive dine both, rehab puts me on menthodone to help me get off oxyS, that made no sence, cause 24 hours after I got home, I went into full blown withdrawals for 3 weeks! So, after three yrs clean, IM back on oxys ( all for back and neck ...
sandra5353 | Posted
I just found out my friend has done cocaine. Total shocker if you knew him. What do I ask to find out how serious this is? He told me (after I found it) that he did it a month ago and has done it about 10 times over several years. I jus...
Whattodo1974 | Posted
What i really wanna know, is can i die? I know detoxing off severe heroin use has the chance of killing you, i dont see a differance. Also, my background started at 15, discovered cocaine and spent every cent on it for 2 years. Then, at ...
Casper1984 | Last answer
Hi there, I checked myself into the hospital to detox myself with these drugs. I was on 40 mg 3 times of one and 10 mg 6 times of the other, which were prescribed to me for chronic back/leg & feet pain, but I found I was not taking them ...
vermonter062902 | Last answer
I do not know even where to begin. I did so much research to obtain Health Insurance from Healthcare.gov that I could probably be an expert in it. Apparently I am not because I must have made a fatal mistake by going with BCBS HMO. P...
Astrongtower | Last answer
Well I am not new here, I been here before. unfortunately. The first time was years ago with morphine withdrawals, and the second time was with methadone, seven years ago. Now that was a rough one. Hope this isn't going to be as bad. ...
RRivers | Posted
I am trying to get of off pain meds and am having a bad time with the arms and legs going nuts I was prescribed lyrica but is not working has I see some have tried it and trazadone and valium I have both but not sure how much I can take ...
hankisinger | Posted
I'm well into my 69th year and I'm dealing with trying to kick an addiction to Percocet. This is my first addiction except for coffee. I took my last capsule a week ago today and I'm still lucky if I get 3-4 hours of sleep at night. I, a...
tog44 | Last answer
Hi and Love to u all. I suffer From Fibro, ME, Chronic Pain, Neuroathic PAan, +other Ailments . I HAVE HAD IT WITH THIS GOD FORSAKEN DRUG!!! I am trying to Taper off and IT'S HELL!! I am seriously considering CT and jumping off Oxycodone...
Tswana | Last answer
I've been using Hydrocodone for yrs and am to the point of just wanting my life bk and being free from addiction.I live in a small town & have a important job so its very hush hush with me & has to be otherwise i would go to rehab.Just c...
postalgirl | Last answer
Haven't been here in a while but just wanted to hey to all!! Still in drug court but going 32 months clean and sober ... It is possible :)
kajama | Last answer
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