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I have been taking : 1.CLONAZEPAM 0.5 MG *2 2. CLONAZEPAM 2 MG *1 3. OXCARBEZIPINE 450 MG *2 4. RISPERIDONE 0.5 MG *1 5. ESCITALOPRAM OXALET 10MG *1 for 3-4 months with 3mg of clonazepam or benzodiazapine going in my body becaus...
sidhumandy | Posted
yesterday in school i had a panic attack and i feel more hopeless than i was before the panic attack. plz someone help im 14 just wana have a great life its like i cant leave this anxiety
YoungandCrazy | Last answer
I have been diagnosed with P.T.S.D . I was diagnosed over 10 years ago. I am on medication to help with the flash backs, but recently they have gotten worse than ever. I am having memory loss and when i have these episodes i relive a tra...
bellefire | Posted
had a major breakdown over a year ago and I have never been diagnosed with anything. but I have been prescribed various antidepressants all of witch did not work. im so exhausted with anxiety attacks, dizziness, brain numbness, and feeli...
1dadneedshelp | Posted
I've smoked marijuana for 10 years haven't gone more than 3 days without a smoke Never had anxiety from smoking or really in any situation I am kind a nervous person but I deal with it pretty well I took 2 hits out of a bong (no...
JordanMo | Posted
hi all new to this site i have suffered anxiety and panic atatcks since the birth of my children i didnt have a great upbringing etc but sumone etold me anxiety can happen cos of your earliuer childhood is this correct im now on good med...
Magstar32 | Last answer
Hello, I am desperately seeking guidance that may provide me with the tools to build a better relationship with my 21 year old son…. I tried my best to be a good provider, mother and role model...my only son never went without anything....
JR1965 | Last answer
ok, I have always had ocd ever since I was a little girl but I started having anxiety and panic attacks when I was 17. After that I have battled with it off and on throughout the years now I get racing scary thoughts that are almost cons...
mrscashman84 | Posted
Hello..new here. I was wondering if anyone suffers from anxiety and finds themselves becoming more and more "house bound"...almost afraid to get out of the house? This has started happening to me, and it is not a good feeling. I am new...
Chyanneraine | Last answer
Hi! My name is Daniel, and I am a new member of Medhelp and this group :). I have had an anxiety disorder since I was in my teens, and I have been on different medications, and, all of them seem to not have worked enough so that I wo...
JandDforever | Posted
Otherwise I'm healthy male of thirties, I've non mutilated genitalia (i.e. uncut penis, no genital piercing, etc.) I'm normally not a frequent victim of panic attack but one thing gets me down. Seeing videos, photos or even thinking abou...
escapefreedom13 | Last answer
i was wondering if anyone has switched from zoloft to cymbalta? I am scared to make the switch, my dr. wants me to half the zoloft,take the cymbalta for 2 weeks..is there gonna be bad side affects.I already cant hardly leave the house, b...
cc131 | Posted
I have recently been diagnosed with PTSD and the dr that is treating me told me that once I get so far in my other recovery program that they would want me to do some DBT therapy.. Does anyone know any thing about it from experience..? I...
Lovebug29 | Last answer
Can first onset of BPPV occur for a few hours one day than goes away for months than come again another day for a few hours or less? or does it happen consistantly for days and weeks until it suddenly stops. but than can reoccur after th...
D224 | Posted
I recently was prescribed 25mg of zoloft for my bad anxiety. I have a huge phobia and anxiety about dizziness. I am constantly worried I will get dizzy and sometimes I do. Not true vertigo but weird dizziness when i move my head...but no...
D224 | Posted
I have some kind of fear to fall sick when going abroad. I had to go for holiday to eastern country this year. Due to this fear, I lost conciousness for a few seconds. MRI is ok. I am taking C PRAM S 10 and CPRAM S 5 in a day.I have to...
Sukarm | Last answer
Hi everyone, Ive been a member of Medhelp for about 6 or 7 years now and don't come by as often as I wish I could and maybe I should. I joined when I was going through a lot of panic and anxiety in my life and overcame it all including t...
sunset555 | Last answer
I'm Vince go to my profile and if you want to discuss Addiction & Recovery, they are different, get in touch. Best of everything on "The JOURNEY HOME". Vince
vinmat6652 | Posted
Hi everybody, also new here... I also suffer from anxiety disorder, my psychiatrist subscribed Seroquel 50mg and something called Fluoxide? I stopped using anti-depressants a few months ago because I thought I was doing well, just to rea...
fuzzyhead665 | Posted
sky789 I have been on antidepressants since I was twenty-five years old,and anxiety medication. My three children died in a house fire on May 22 1977. I am now fifty-nine years old ,and currently on lexapro but I have put on twenty poun...
sky789 | Posted
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