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I was diagnosed with celiac disease about 7 months ago. I had lots of stomach issues and in the end it turned out to be this allergy to gluten. Ever since I stopped eating gluten I felt a lot better. My symptoms disappeared or at least b...
Gemini_8 | Last answer
Hello, I'm new here. On Friday morning, I will have a long colonoscopy and a gastroscopy. I have been having pain in right upper quadrant (liver?) since April--it's getting worse every day--, in my stomach, back and bowels (pinching-typ...
Mimosita | Posted
Hi, I am a fifteen year old student suffering from severe malodorous flatulence. I first noticed this problem about a year ago. It first started with a lot of gas. Mainly during school this year I have noticed much more of this. I don't...
geology1 | Last answer
Okay so I've been having extreme pain in my two big toes. Usually I just wear socks and flip flops, so I don't notice it unless I bump it accidentally, but as of now I'm on vacation and wearing my tennis shoes-they fit fine- and since my...
BookStalker | Last answer
In 2005 I was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer because of all know symptons of this disease. March 2005 an attempted Whipple Procedure was performed, only intestinal bypass, mass could not be removed. After six weeks of surgery healing ...
betz626 | Last answer
I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in January 2015. Many of the experiences I have read online report a very quick turn around and energy increase when they start the diet. This has not been the case for me. I feel like my thermostat is...
tracyhatcher | Last answer
Hi everyone, I recently have been getting over a bad salmonella infection that I was on 24 days of different antibiotics including flagyl for (confirmed in two different stool tests). I decided at the time since recovery has been so slow...
toworryornottoworry | Last answer
Recently I have been going through stomach contractions that lead to coughing?
Waalltteerr | Posted
EnteroLab www.enterolab.com Specialized Laboratory Analysis for Optimum Intestinal and Overall Health Kenneth D. Fine, M.D. Medical Director 10875 Plano Rd., Suite 123 Dallas, Texas 75238 Final Laboratory Report Date: 3/3/...
hhdavid | Last answer
I'm a 31 male. All this for me started Oct 1st, it first started with a twitching (not tremor) right index finger, which stop after a couple of days but then my right hand started to become tight and painful, sometimes it was as if I cou...
HunterD | Last answer
The days after drinking my body is all over the place. My stomach is never settled, bloating, gas and the worst hangovers known to man. My diet isn't the best, I'm wondering if this coud have any link to yeast / gluten? I've ne...
bluegc | Last answer
For the past few years I frequently get a purple vein/bruise-like area that is located about 1 or 2 finger width down from under my right breast and goes to my midline. There is no pain, it comes and goes. When I have it, it lasts a ...
cathy4969 | Last answer
Has anyone else had intestinal swelling so bad that it sent them to the ER with intestines so swollen that there was almost complete blockage? [The surgeon threatened to remove part of my intestine at the time, but I refused because I kn...
lcarter6 | Last answer
When I was 5 months pregnant I was diagnosed with coeliac. At 38 weeks I delievered a stillborn little angel. Could this b something got to do with coeliac?
pregwith3rd786 | Last answer
I have a reasonably healthy diet and do regular yoga and walking. Still I feel lack of strength and stamina in my body at all times. My stool is also mostly yellowish and not brown (though bowel movement is very regular). From the past f...
Golchha | Last answer
I am new to the site. I would like to post a few items and some follow up to our struggle. My wife contacted a rash November 2013 right around the time she had a bladder infection and taking Cipro. We assumed it was Cipro but rash remai...
TCSWFL | Last answer
Dear All, This community helped me a lot in the past when I was going through treatment, I hope to get answers again. I received my test results from my Gastroenterolology exam and it states: "Elevated Gliadin IgG at 42;Ele...
Pepela | Last answer
http://i1277.photobucket.com/albums/y484/thor137/HNI_0098_zpsf17aac14.jpg Heres a picture. the rash was taken several weeks ago, it my right arm shown, this is not the forearm, it is the rash pointing towards the shoulder, towards the ...
PMDER1 | Posted
I'm 28 years old and I have an endoscopy scheduled for June 16. The dr said he is checking for possible celiac and a re test to see if I am still infected with h pylori. I'm really afraid because I do not want to have a gluten allergy....
Elle8686 | Last answer
Anyone willing to help me read what my dr wrote for my endoscopy today? I can't read the writing lol. Maybe respond and I can private message a picture .
Elle8686 | Last answer
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