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This patient support community is for discussions relating to children’s allergies, hay fever, school issues, and allergies to animals and pets, birch pollen, drugs, dust mites, foods, insect stings, latex, mold, MSG, ragweed, peanut, and sulfite.

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JuliaB121Apr 16
ETC48Apr 14
ETC48Apr 14
JuliaB121Feb 13
mom_of_sixNov 03, 2015
By Lici74 Blank
My 4 yr. old has had chronic nasal congestion for 2 years now. We've had adenoids removed due to recurring sinus inf...
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By moldremoval
Presence of mold cause different types of allergic reactions.
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Vickie418Feb 05, 2008
clm72Feb 01, 2008
By kristin1981 Blank
We found mold in our house & had it sent of to find out the type. The types are: Acremonium, Chaetomium, Trichoderma ...
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By DivyaGS
Hi All, My 2.5yrs old son has previous history of allergy cough due to dust. And I too have the same for dust and ...
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ltig927Feb 12, 2015
CosmicaCMJan 28, 2015
CDragNov 06, 2014
momof2anglesJul 04, 2014
By HurricaneFrances Blank
My 5 yr old has been complaining of itchy toes, both feet, just the tips. For the past week, she cries the itch is s...
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By Wbc5 Blank
What has been your best at home remedy for allergies? We have done local honey and a more natural type called Hylands...
14644394 tn?1435648951
By kayume Blank
Hi, my 15yr old daughter's left hand started swelling up in-between two knuckles, and this started about 3-4 days ago...
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jackmedJun 08, 2015
Mth2Jul 11, 2014
Rhi24May 03, 2014
amandamandyApr 02, 2014
KaysydneyMar 28, 2014
By sherryl199 Blank
My nine year old grandson occasionally wakes with a single swollen eye (on rare occasions both eyes). The first episo...
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By sageschoon Blank
my daughter developed this rash after she began Amoxicillin . is this an allergic reaction? (first time taking)
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By justin_1122 Blank
Today my daughter came home from her grandmothers house and i noticed het eye was a little red. It didnt look serious...
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By kristin9705 Blank
Hi my 9 year old daughter has been getting huge hives around her wrist and calves after playing in the snow.This has ...
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By lovebeingamomtimestwo Blank
My son was diagnosed with mono in November of last year. Since then he has had an enlarged spleen (that the dr's are...
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margypopsNov 20, 2014
By Monica0126 Blank
Out of the blue 2 weeks ago our 5 year old son started scratching his face. Mainly around his nose and eyes. But also...
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evewisewomanOct 22, 2014
margypopsOct 22, 2014
By dialysiswife Blank
Hi i got a cold around a month ago.the rest of my family did to but they were all better within like a week or so. i ...
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By carlson1324 Blank
Hello. My son is 10 and was diagnosed with mild ashma at 5. He was on inhaled steroids up until about a year and a ha...
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prattdesign1Oct 17, 2014
ablevins5Apr 04, 2012
kricket568Jul 22, 2011
miller803Jun 20, 2011
kiasnanaJan 24, 2009
By kam8406 Blank
Is there any over the counter medicines that anybody has tried with a two and half year old, and they have proved to ...
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Wbc5Oct 11, 2014
By Ar52kortlang Blank
My almost 3 year old daughter has severe environmental allergies...she is on singular and Allegra and veramyst for he...
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By Mcsquish0114 Blank
I am a young mother with an 8.5 month old daughter. My question is for the past month or so, everything I give her a ...
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Bree_05_15Sep 09, 2014
Stacey_80Jul 12, 2014
Bree_05_15Jun 05, 2014
CaryopterisJun 05, 2014
By Bree_05_15 Blank
My one year old has started to have a cne like dots on his back of his neck to half his back i have an appt friday bu...
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By Mlglove Blank
My daughter and I have been staying at my parents for a month. After a couple days she began to get what looked like ...
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