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There are three houses. Draw lines connecting the houses with gas, electric and water. Each house must have gas, electricity and water. The LINES CANNOT CROSS. :)
caregiver222 | Posted
My 11 year old has this pain that has haunted him for four years or more now. Each time we thought to have treated the problem . We go through the motions again . He gets this sudden terrible eye pain in his right eye , even had ...
LFaithR | Last answer
Hello.What's the best limit to stay ?I don't have any friends or dutties to do.My dad is all the day working as a plumber;my mother is a teacher.We stay together just 2 hours of 24.I like animals very much.I don't have an experience and ...
ABCD934 | Last answer
This article may worth to read : http://www.collective-evolution.com/2013/08/23/20-medical-studies-that-prove-cannabis-can-cure-cancer/
rahim28 | Last answer
I went to hospital on Saturday they said possible virus I don't think so. Started out with pain in left side along rib cage went around back to right side, stiff neck, headache, numbness and tingling with scalp and lips, nausea and vom...
Lynn1470 | Last answer
This all has to do with the link card i live in Wisconsin if my boyfriend is 18 and working for the past year but has veen getting link still what can happen? The link is under his moms name i guessing and his sister and her daughter are...
teenmom1998 | Posted
Hello this past Sunday July 19th I wrecked my dirt bike into the dirt. I slid across the dry dirt causing a friction burn on my left arm. I cleaned it with rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide whenever I got home but that wasn't until a...
Dirt_biker | Last answer
this is my first time posting here. i don't even have "passable" female profile picture yet. but i don't feel comfortable with myself currently to use the already recent and week old/monthly 2015 photos as profile picture. i still hav...
RealKorra | Last answer
Its my first time posting on here .i need help badly with this.i have missed my menses for 10 days now.i have a long cycle but hasn't been this bad before.i run a pregnancy test at home but it turned out negative so i am wondering if it ...
ama_liquid | Last answer
Hi everyone , It's my first time posting here ... Just wanted to get some insight or maybe some perspective of what possibly could be going on - a little background , I'm 35 type 1 diabetic on a insulin pump . For the past week and a...
Mulisha88 | Last answer
I am a 48 year old woman. In Sept of 2014 I went to doctor with high blood pressure where I was given a prescription to lower it. I spent night in hospital and they did blood work and everything came back good. Since Oct of 2014 I have...
shortshe | Posted
I am nearly 21 and I have always loved children and for the past year or so I been really craving having a child and I don't know. It's like my heart is telling me Ishould but head is saying no. I am in a long term rrelationship and wish...
mickaroo | Last answer
I feel im in a bit of a rush right now. I could die any moment now and I'm a bit worried. I feel like this is not reality. This is fake. I'm in a coma, in a dream, or in a trance. I mean, I have to be. This world is simiulated. Well that...
AmIcraycray | Last answer
Hi I'm a 23 year old female. For the pass two weeks I've been getting some very itchy dark spots. It all started with one under my left boob, I actually thought it was a bruise because it wasn't dry and didn't itch. Then I got a patch on...
RoyalAsh | Last answer
I had unsafe sex and this is the first time I have missed my periods. I have done two pregnancy test at home they turned out -ve but stilll I have a doubt if I am pregnant.., its been 10 days that I missed my periods... am I pregnant? Wh...
Theresa1391 | Last answer
I got married 8 months ago, and I still have VERY limited abilities to cook. I know what ya'll think, poor hubby lol. One of my pet peeves is that after I'm done in the kitchen, my hair smells very bad, and also my clothes. I can't wash ...
PrettyKitty1 | Last answer
Anyone else have a red scrotum with a regular line down the middle of the testicles? Is this normal? No pain or itching, had for about a couple months.
cooper136 | Posted
Hello, i am 18 weeks pregnant. just on thursday. i started bleeding bright red.. i went straight to the ER and the doctor took Blood test, Pelvic Exam and a ultrasound. the doctor told me everything came back normal and that the baby loo...
tonyaaGonz | Last answer
I was able to have my school loans discharged due to the fact i am on SSDI. I received a statenent from them saying i now have to claim thw amount of discharged loans as income on my taxes. I will end up owing about $7000 in taxes. I ...
jodirobinson | Last answer
My period has been a mess since I had a depo shot 8 months ago I only had 1 shot. Because of the shot I come on my period every 3 months my last period was December 26 2014 til January 1st 2015 when should I come on my period next? Also ...
Monique_mo | Last answer
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