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I recently changed antipsychotics from Zeldox (Geodone) 160mg to Abilify 10mg. I am also on 200mg of lamotrigine and 50mg of Trazodone. I took my first full dose of Abilify on Friday the 6th and today is the 11th The Abilify is workin...
lindahand | Last answer
I've been diagnosed with depression bipolar I and borderline personality disorder... I'm on only 20mg Celexa and 5mg Abilify... I've only been on medication for the first time in my life for the last 5 weeks... plus seeing therapist eve...
andibarton | Last answer
My son is almost 27. He had Intermittent explosive disorder. He drinks and smokes pot to self medicate. He is good looking, super smart, articulate, talented etc. but he won't go to a doctor. He tried Prozac, very small dose, last ye...
justme1119 | Last answer
I am 19 years old. I got diagnosed with Conversion Disorder on or around Sept. 20th 2010. Ive tried to contact the doctor who diagnosed me several times but he will not return my calls. No other doctor where i live will help me... i dont...
Jess_Marie77 | Last answer
I have been treated for depression for a few years now but lately i just cannot cope...i feel suicidal and at the end of my tether...i havent been out of my house for so long,i dont answer my phone,my curtains have been closed for about ...
trimal30 | Last answer
hi iv got depression and had a misscarridge in october had 1 period since done a test about 3 weeks ago that was negative my breasts are startin to hurt but im too scared to go to my gp what can u advise me to do
melnbella | Last answer
My son is 7-years-old and in the first grade. He has had trouble at school since he was 5 in preschool. While in preschool the only thing my son would draw or talk about was guns and shooting people. I basically had to talk to him everyd...
ecbcma25 | Last answer
I take klonopin,and an ssri Paxil.I wan to go the jym and take muscle supplements,protein powder,aminoacids,etc.Is it ok to this supplements for gaining muscle?
volume | Last answer
I'm wondering about my options in terms of therapy and general life choices. I'm not able to access therapy that is likely to benefit me in my region and the hospital is unable to fund therapy elsewhere. What do I do? I'm not work...
Jaquta | Last answer
I cannot get a full nite's sleep & sleep meds prescribed aren't working. Take clonazepam & lamtrogine, but am definitely hypo-manic. Any ideas?
hummingbirdT | Last answer
I am 21so yrs old and about 10 weeks pregnant. I'm just really worried bout my mental health and the health of my child I am not on any medication ATM but I am having major problems copeing Idk what to do I need help
Soniareed441 | Last answer
Hi, my name is Tyler. And oh boy am I glad to be here, I have been wanting to ask SOMEONE this for months and months. I talk to myself, is this okay? I don't know if this is how the average person acts, I was going to say normal, but th...
TylerBobbet | Last answer
Hey so my names Danny and I'm 16. I've been smoking weed quite frequently for 3 years, but I wanna say with in 9 months I have been doing alot of narcotics (coke), ecstasy, and meth, and I o.d' twice on meth and lived thank god but back ...
Dannie420 | Last answer
I am 27 years old... have been dealing with bipolar since I was 13. Lately things have been getting so bad. I spent a week in the psych ward recently on an involuntary hold for trying to take my own life. I'm on an array of meds and noth...
CanMom09 | Last answer
by Vanishedwish, Nov 24, 2011 I overdosed 2 years ago using my friend anti psychotic. I suffered from acute dystonic reaction a day after the incidence to which I was given anticholnergic. I was discharged but with rest tremor-til...
Vanishedwish | Last answer
Hi my name is Ari, I'm 20, and I feel like committing suicide, cause I can't stop blaming myself. Here's my story: Since 2010, August I'm away from my home county & studying abroad. I'm physically in good shape, but I think I have ...
jess0319ne | Last answer
What do i do ita like my aditude is messing thing up sometimes
jaz_toya | Posted
Recently, I remember reading that a connection has been made between alcoholism in fathers and bipolar disorder occurring in their daughters. I've searched the internet for hours and can't seem to find those studies and/or articles, ment...
grannymusiclover | Posted
My GP has said that I'm 'probably not acutely depressed right now', but has also said I have a condition that is still covered under the Equality Act. I have a restructure coming up at work which we've been leading up to for a year, and ...
Eleison | Posted
i'm 14 years old and i'm a girl, i think i might have bipolar disorder but i don't know where to go for someone to tell me whether i do or not, where do you think i should go?
numbgirl97 | Posted
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