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I have been diagnosed with Pusedo tumor cerebral and due to my spinal issues at L4, L5, and C1 I also think I have MS. I cannot do heat or hot water neither can I do cold cold air. I have such a problem distinguish between the two. Some...
Ladyceee | Posted
I'm currently suffering from 'inappropriate sinus tachycardia' and/or POTS so have just purchased a cooling vest as heat seems to really aggravate this. They are made for horse riders but the company says they have sold quite a few ...
Poppy7402 | Last answer
sir, yesterday i go for brain flair mri. findings are all normal. but "small focal flair hyperintensity in right anterior parasagittal subcortical frontal region-possibly ischemia". please explain the mri. thanq
srinivas_vennu | Posted
Hi there, I'm a 21 year old male, I just recently got my MRI done in December and I've received the results. My family doctor is setting me up with a neurologist but I recently showed my mother, a skilled nurse, my results and she seem...
NM2016 | Last comment
I start my sixth chemo Avastin/taxol. The one I am on Gemzar has done nothing. Cancer has spread fast. I just hope the hospital does not shut down due to weather. I had to have two emergency CT scans in both two weeks apart they showed s...
HVAC | Last answer
My wife got MS at age 35 in 2006. Then I get symptoms and diagnosed at 41 in 2011. What are the odd of that and could it be something else we have? We got tested for Lyme in 2012, negative. We live in the Pacific Northwest. Scared f...
geoffm70 | Last comment
I have been terrified for the past few years that I have MS. My fear comes in waves. I admit that I do have health anxiety, but my symptoms are real. I have seen 2 doctors and they refuse to give me an MRI. I would like one to help put m...
Em2705 | Last answer
Well, finally after trying to find a way to see an MS specialist for almost 3 years I have been referred by my physiatrist to one a couple of hours away. I couldn't bring myself to ask my neuro for the referral (very passive aggressive, ...
Corriel | Last answer
Does anyone get foreshadowing of a relapse coming on? If so, can anything stop it, slow it down, or reduce the severity? Background for the question: My foot has been numb and tingly for the first time since my Sept relapse, my arm/ha...
cjtmn | Last answer
Hello! Last August I had a relapse. New symptoms.. About a month start to finish. Stated with the usual urgency- gaining in pain- then finally subsided. Basically pushed through it. Since then... In the bladder area... All good. Until...
Andipw3 | Last answer
It is often said here that the neurological exam is above all the most important thing in determining neurological deficit. Apparently, it is not. I was told by my neuro today that the neurological exam is insensitive as a measure in dia...
Joiedecour | Last answer
I've been on Copaxone almost 2 months. For the first several weeks the only reaction I had was moderately painful stinging and aching after the shot, lasting about half an hour, plus some tenderness at the site. Now that part is only 5 o...
essdipity | Last answer
Found out yesterday that I have to take 50,000 units of vitamin d to bring that number up. And I'm starting Tysabri. Really don't know what to expect. I would appreciate, anyone who has been on Tysabri, let me know what to expect while o...
DANCER1952 | Last answer
i know that spd is identified in autism, but apparently it has recently been clinically linked to multiple sclerosis. described as a neurological traffic jam. trying to sort out the noise in a busy restaurant or party is overwhelming and...
zenhead | Last answer
Hi folks! I just wanted to share about an incredible experience that I had with the MS Society of Canada recently. I was selected last fall to be a Community Representative for the Society. There were approximately 12 of us selected a...
Corriel | Last answer
Hi. I am trying to decide if I need to keep pushing doctors for answers or just move on and see what happens. I am 40 years old and really had no major health problems prior to last summer. I started having numbness in my right foot tha...
Kim610 | Last answer
Report says:- "Non contrast CT was done through the brain focal area of abnormal attenuation is noted in the brain. Ventricular system and extra-axial CSF spaces are within normal limits. Posterior fossa structures are unremarkable, ev...
sumaiyaaa | Last answer
hello! im 18 and i was diagnosed with ms just a couple months ago. i was prescribed copaxone (which ill hopefully get in a few days). (An unrelated note: i already know a lot about multiple sclerosis and copaxone since my mother has ...
SydB | Last answer
Hi - 44 year old man here - towards the end of last year I experienced some odd sensations - burning, twitching, dizziness, pins and needles etc. I had a clear brain MRI (October), then a clear full spine MRI (November), these were run ...
Jim_1971 | Last answer
For the last 2 weeks or so, a few times I've experienced this. I put my right foot down on the carpet (slippers on) and it feels as if my foot is sliding, even though it stationary. Has anyone else had this happen?
Sue31961 | Last comment
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