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JennD512Jul 22
By JennD512
I'm 27 years old. After experiencing some facial tingling for a couple weeks, I then experienced some limb tingling/n...
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AbdulskiJul 21
ATM2012Apr 06, 2012
ashes1010Nov 01, 2008
4my3kidsOct 29, 2008
Quixotic1Jun 27, 2008
By 6-paq Blank
I suffer from lightheadedness (non-vertigo). I will frequently get dizzy right after riding up on an elevator. ...
709619 tn?1230165075
slay2kJul 21
aspen2Jul 21
slay2kJul 20
aspen2Jul 17
slay2kJul 17
By Todd36 Blank
Hello everyone! Are muscle fasciculations (or muscle tics) commonly associated with MS? I'm still looking for a d...
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nyangel60Jul 21
nyangel60Jul 21
7FrancineJul 21
candinceApr 28
SC_CaliforniaJul 29, 2014
By jemc57 Blank
Hello, I was diagnosed with MS about 6 years ago. I've been on Tysabri for 3 months. Lately I've been having a lot o...
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AllyKat58Jul 20
immisceoJul 19
By AllyKat58
My 24 year old daughter was diagnosed with having Demyelinating disease after only one MRI (spine). She had blood wor...
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aspen2Jul 19
idiocracyJul 19
idiocracyJul 18
By idiocracy
I recently had a followup with the MS Specialist at the Cleveland Clinic. I went into the appointment expecting to r...
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AllyKat58Jul 18
murfdog19Sep 15, 2008
FluffysmomSep 12, 2008
Salamander2Sep 12, 2008
By murfdog19 Blank
I've had two "attacks" over the past six months consisting of tingling in my left arm and the left side of my face, h...
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byzzJul 16
zoefromsussexSep 17, 2013
lloyd123Sep 17, 2013
Dari1963Jun 12, 2012
bozotheclownSep 09, 2011
By steveo1010 Blank
I was diagnosed with MS nearly 4 years ago and am happy to say that I've been living with it quite well. Well enough,...
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HVACJul 14
sandraebJul 14
HVACJul 20, 2015
essdipityJul 20, 2015
By Sassysarah1974 Blank
On may 16th my life changed dramatically. I am a home hospice CNA and have not worked since. I went unresponsive at m...
1142551 tn?1264740530
dbl219Jul 14
summerluvrJan 31, 2010
melissabarnettJan 30, 2010
AdnvwstiJan 30, 2010
Nancy TJan 29, 2010
By Prettymomma Blank
Ok so I realize this may not be related but im gonna throw it out there anyway. I have a lot of lumps that hurt real ...
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HVACJul 14
By amarraj
what means ,small intramedullary lesion at c3/4 which shows subtle high signals on t2w1-? ischimia ? edema?
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shoshinJul 13
nan1978Jul 03
kwarendorfBlankJul 28, 2014
flbackJul 28, 2014
essdipityJul 28, 2014
By flback Blank
I've read that MS can cause swollen feet which surprised me upon first seeing. Does it have something to do with the...
1465954 tn?1287192364
HVACJul 13
HVACJul 13
AemeloJul 12
Rena705Oct 16, 2010
By jenbe Blank
Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this feeling like someone just randomly slatthered on some menthol ben-...
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KingReiJul 13
By KingRei
I can simply be walking and I'll fall to the floor (or stumble VERY badly) and when I get up I can feel that my knees...
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AjnewbyJul 12
HVACJul 12
By Ajnewby
I have recently been having deep itching in my legs, to the point of massive bruising. The tried medicine and it slow...
5100745 tn?1364355960
teddy999Jul 12
WherrymanJan 26
LurajeanJun 23, 2014
CorrielAug 08, 2013
Cann1980Aug 08, 2013
By teddie999 Blank
Hi all For just over a month now I have been suffering with L'Hermitte's Sign. Electric shocks, vibrations, n...
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HVACJul 12
Roger56Jul 11
John_55Jul 15, 2015
kwarendorfBlankJan 13, 2015
HVACJan 13, 2015
By AdamJames25 Blank
Okay I just found this site, and I'm noticing that gay men aren't normally MS patients. I've tried other sites and f...
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HVACJul 09
By jlserak
Hey everyone! Quick question for you. For the past week or so I've had some new symptoms happening and they seem to b...
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aspen2Jul 07
HVACJul 07
CorrielJul 07
By mikeysmom1995
Hello everybody, Sorry I haven't been on for a couple weeks but I have been to the docs 3 times and still having sam...
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HVACJul 08
immisceoJul 08
By Holland2015
Has anyone been given this for nerve pain? I am just about to start this medication. I am already taking Avonex.
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