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Hello to all, Previous written on a post a few weeks ago (just trying to keep up with all of these crazy symptoms). I am a 37 year...
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It's been almost 3 weeks (05/15) since I had a surgery performed. I was given a spinal block. i experienced severe headaches for 5 days...
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This was in the news today. A clinical trial led by doctors Luanne Metz and Wee Yong shows the common acne medicine minocycline can slow...
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I am thinking about getting one of those inversion table/chair things you flip upside down on and hang. I have tried them in the past bef...
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Hi I had a spinal tap done to see if I have MS can anyone help me with my results I don't see my Dr for another 2 months, an I have not ...
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Dear Doctor, I'm a 30 year old woman. Three weeks ago I've got a sudden sensation of tingling in my left leg. This feeling of tingling ...
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I am going to write a lot of information. A few months ago, I was having on and off stiffness in my right arm while I was at work. There ...
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Okay, I seen my neuro doc this morning. I've been on Copaxone since Aug.09 and things haven't got better. He actually said my reflexes we...
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Okay I just found this site, and I'm noticing that gay men aren't normally MS patients. I've tried other sites and found the same thing....
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I had ON in march and 2 old lesions that showed on an MRI. about a month after this my neurologists recommended a Lumbar Puncture. I have...
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Hello everyone. I came here a while ago and asked what made you choose MS treatments. You were all very kind and gave me your thoughts ...
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Want to try yoga in the quiet and privacy of your own home? There is a free MyMSYoga program dvd ad that keeps flashing on my screen her...
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Hi I know this was posted a while ago but I am wanting to do the MS recovery diet, there is a bookk on it and my interpretation is that...
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Hello everyone. I haven't been on here in a while, but after searching numerous forums, I've found that I get the best advise and well ed...
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Hi, I've been on Solumedrol few times so far (3 days IV, 1gram) and thought I knew what to expect. But this one is different (had my l...
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Hi all, just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I had several episodes of what I can only describe as black outs about 10 yea...
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From now until about 1-2 years ago I have noticed certain problems getting worse. I am in my early 20's, female and have had visual snow ...
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Okay - this might sound odd - knowing I've had MS for 10 years but - I need to get an idea of what kind of walking issues people have had...
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I am curious: What would be the best places to live with MS, and why? I guess weather is the first issue. I am from a very hot town, a...
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I am a healthy 25 year old woman with no history of disease in my family. however for the past two months i have been experiencing a sort...
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