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, Well, hi to all. !!! Hope you are enjoying the sunshine. I know that I sure am. Just asking for a prayer, or thought or two for...
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I started gilenya yesterday and decided not to continue with such bad possible side effects. Now i feel awful feeling weak and feels like...
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Hi, I have been having what looks like relapsing/remitting symptons that look like MS since 2002, My neurologist at the time did not do...
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I haven't been on here in probably 8 months. I am still in limbo land :( I still continue to have same symptoms. I am going through pt, ...
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When I was speaking with an aquintance of mine who was diagnosed with MS 6 years ago, she stated the best thing she does for herself is y...
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MY QUICK AND DIRTY EXPLANATION OF HOW MRI'S SHOW LESIONS IN MS I am going to overexplain the MRI with contrast / without contrast th...
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my son had severe hemmoragic stroke 1 yr. ago, coming home from stroke institution and has had physical therapy for past 6mnths. will thi...
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I recently had some blood labs to test for several things...can anyone tell me if these look serious for MS please? Abs Basophils 43 ...
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Hi friends,, Is there a relationship between Parkinson disease and multiple sclerosis. Particularly if there is a family history of Park...
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Hi All, Is it typical to have a positive ANA with MS? In the beginning of my neurological chaos I was tested and my ANA was titer 1...
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Hi there! I'm relatively new to the forums, and I was just wondering what those who have the issue in question thought and I was wonderin...
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I was diagnosed with MS in March. I have been taking copaxone 40ml 3x weekly auto injection since April. I am 5' 3" and 115 lbs. At first...
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Those who know me know my struggles w/ taking mess. ( scared). Brief recap: newly diagnosed, light lesion load, one attack w/ optical n...
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I have just found this forum today and am very glad I did. I hope some of you might can answers some of my questions. I am a 52 yea...
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I've contracted an upper respiratory tract infection that has got gradually worse over the last week. I did go to my GP on Mon morning bu...
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I'm a 29 year old female. I've been having dizziness, slurred speech, eye issues, sensory disturbances, chronic migraines, loss of balanc...
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Hi, I saw a lot of post in here about vibration in the lower abdomen but none of them really is related to my situation. I was recent...
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I'm 27 years old. After experiencing some facial tingling for a couple weeks, I then experienced some limb tingling/numbness and contorti...
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I suffer from lightheadedness (non-vertigo). I will frequently get dizzy right after riding up on an elevator. It happened again to...
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Hello everyone! Are muscle fasciculations (or muscle tics) commonly associated with MS? I'm still looking for a dx from what I experi...
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