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WELCOME TO THE MYOSITIS COMMUNITY: This Patient-To-Patient Community is for discussions relating to Myositis which is an inflammation of skeletal muscles, which are also called the voluntary muscles. These are the muscles you consciously control that help you move your body. An injury, infection or autoimmune disease can cause myositis.

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Hi, I am a rather concerned parent looking for some advice. December 2010 my then 5 year old son began complaining of "aching legs"...I simply thought he'd been running around in the school yard more than usual and that it was nothing o...
Enigma279 | Last answer
I've been having some bizarre symptoms, mostly neurological, but some are muscular. I've had a number of tests and the only one abnormal is elevated ANA. MRI & EEG results are not back yet. My question is, my mother was diagnosed with po...
susanjc | Posted
Hi All, I am representing a market research firm called Glocal Mind. We are looking for patients who have diagnosed with Sporadic inclusion body myositis. We are conducting a reserach study on Sporadic inclusion body myositis. Thi...
CHECHIFu3n | Posted
What can be done about dropfoot?
rich766 | Last answer
I've been recently diagnosed with small fiber neuropathy and myopathy. I have worst weakness in my thighs and biceps. The Right leg which is the weakest has affected my walking at times. It feels like my knee (the issue is not the kne...
massie7899 | Last answer
I was diagnosed with polymyositis in 2005. My CPK was 17000 when they diagnosed. I've gone through methotraxate, 120mg prednisone, since 2008 I'm getting cyclophosfamide 1mg every 2 months. They tried to wean me off the cyclophos, bu...
cathay123 | Last answer
Did anyone who was eventually dx'd with Polymyositis have just slightly elevated CPK in the beginning? I was just wondering because I have alot of the symptoms but have not been dx'd yet. Chad
Dalle36 | Last answer
I have been suffering from lower back pain, both quads are pain full and it I am afraid to put any weight on my legs for fear that I may fall. It is slightly difficult for me to climb stairs. I have pain in my right arm. Had an MRI of my...
dolphins4life | Last answer
I had a steroid epideral shot a year ago in June, the dr had to stop administering the steroid when i woke up on the table screaming and moving my left arm yelling i was on fire! July last year i was taken in by Ambulance for severe musc...
mrspope13 | Last answer
I was in the hepc forum on this site and I am glad Myositis is here. I was just diagnosed with myositis and interstitial lung disease caused from the hepc drugs called interferon and ribavirin. Treatment was stopped at 45/48 weeks one...
dustbear | Last answer
Can it take 8 yrs to diagnose dermatomyositis?? Can it be that slow progressing? First elevated liver enzymes 2006 with liver biopsy normal we just left it alone. 2011 creatine kinase was 1100 and other times as high as 3500 which over t...
Williejee03 | Last answer
We have an appointment with a Rheumatoid specialist in Nashville TN at Vanderbuilt. My issue is the fact that his Doctor has done all kinds of blood work to check for JM. He suspects JM because a lot of my son's symptoms mirror the sympt...
kcarroll42 | Posted
hello !!! my friend's wife has been diagonised with myositis and polymyositis. what are the treatments for myositis, poly myositis , myopathy?
jitendramalkan | Last answer
A family member in Europe was recently diagnosed with ' necrotising, immune mediated anti-signal receptor anti-body positive myopathy'. It is a very rare condition and can leave one feeling very much alone due to its rarity. My family me...
1expat | Posted
what treatment direction can we derive from biopsy and whole body FDG PET test?
jitendramalkan | Posted
What is the treatment available for all 3 disease?
jitendramalkan | Posted
I was diagnosed with this auto-immune disease called Intertial Myositis. Anyone out there have this?
Gail614 | Last answer
What are the symptoms of polymyositis?
deja126 | Posted
Hello, After colliding with a tree while snowboarding last saturday (10 days ago) I incurred some blunt trauma including visible bruises on my left palm, left thigh. I noticed some trauma in the chest/ribs area including some swellin...
gabeh86 | Last answer
Has anyone or their family member been diagnosed with Antisynthetase syndrome? If yes, what were your treatments?
crest213921 | Last answer
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