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Well I always have very heavy periods and I had use the one month shot for my birth control and I had never had a problem I stop using the shot for like 3 months and came back to it in September almost at the end of the month my period w...
Mmc014 | Posted
I have had 4 c-sections and would like to have this baby natural. My question is what is the complucations involved and is it possibke for me to have a vbac?
stampit | Last answer
Try to get pregnant with 2nd child. I had my IUD removed a week from Monday & started my period a week ago today. I've been using a cycle calendar to keep track of when I will have periods &when I'll ovulate. My calendar says I should ha...
RosieAnn22 | Last answer
I know that C sections are given under certain circumstances, but is there an OPTION to have one? I had vaginal birth my last pregnancy and it was just...horrible lol my daughter only weighed 7 lbs 6 oz, but it did a number on me. And th...
0sadie0 | Posted
For My birth plan I want my husband nd my mother in the room... however my husband wants his mother there as well... what do I do ? I'm civil with his mother but not on the Best terms since we decided on our daughter's name... sooo would...
Johnsonx3 | Last answer
Hi..i have done my hcg test and the result was 253 doctor said me m pregnant..n recommend me cyclogist passerriess m pcos patient n concieve after 5 years of trying..now after 5 days of my first report got ny hcg test again n it cumz 259...
raisa27 | Posted
I have been tried to get pregnant for the third time now,but this time I wanna be sure of d exact day of my ovulation and it tested positive today, I heard sex with my husband yesterday in the morning and had another this afternoon after...
ogoochizzy | Posted
Anybody else planning on having a water birth
contentmommy_1 | Last answer
Has anyone had a normal birth with one child and water birth with another? Which was easier? Pros/cons? Im considering a water birth (first baby) coz I wanna go kinda natural..no epi if I can and only gas if I need it. Does the water rea...
mzz_ali | Last answer
Dr. advice me to take siphene 50 mg on 3rd day of my period . but last months she asked me to take on 2 nd day of my period . I am confuse now which day I need to follow
Dhanashri30 | Posted
Has any of you ladies done a vbac its vaginal birth after c-section?
hansen20 | Posted
I am 8 weeks pregnant and experiencing heavy vaginal bleeding. Doctors told me I'm possibly having a miscarriage. What are the chances of this baby surviving?
tashashan | Last answer
Of how I want my birth to be. I just want me and my husband in the room for the birth its our first and want it to be our special moment. But im not to sure about the epidural lol and I dont know if I can handle all natural so my questio...
LaurenMH | Last answer
I am 10 weeks pregnant and have been going thru my GP for all of the testing etc that I have had. When would be a good time to see a midwife? When I read what they do in the first appointment like bloods and everything, I've already had...
tubba23 | Last answer
Anyone else have a home birth for your first child? How did it go?
CountryMomToBe | Last answer
are aimed to communicate with other expecting mothers, partners, doulas & members about C-section/ cesarean section, epidural, induced labor, natural childbirth, pain management, vaginal delivery, water birth, strep b positive, high risk...
MH Community Mgr | Posted
Hi, We're seeking Co-Community Leaders for your Birth Plan Community! If you or someone you know would like to become a Community Leader, please send me a message: MH Community Mgr Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you s...
MH Community Mgr | Last answer
I will be having my twin by way of c section.. I'm scared to be honest. How long does it take to recover. I had my son natural with no meds and was walking around shopping the next day. How long is bed rezt
tattoomommy03 | Last answer
hey every one this is my first pregnancy and i am not sure on how i want to deeliver my baby in to the world lol sounds stupid i know but i am not at all one bit good with pain the slightest bit of pain i get thats me on the floor for ho...
scottsgirl2011 | Last answer
I heard if your obese that the doc. Will deffently give c section and I wanted a natural birth...if it helps I'm 5"6" and i weight 240 and i am 13 weeks and 2 days...so do you think there will be a c section
cassie142 | Last answer
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