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This patient support community is for discussions relating to pregnancy, childbirth and maternity for babies due or born in December 2008.

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odell4Dec 10, 2013
PureSugarDec 18, 2008
Brittney11Dec 16, 2008
By PureSugar Blank
Will I go into labor soon? Dialated 1cm and 30% effaced! Went into the hospital with contractions. Was there over...
511455 tn?1224187431
jade260Apr 26, 2013
Joshs_AngelsJul 11, 2008
h8outbreaksJul 07, 2008
By Joshs_Angels Blank
First off, I haven't been on here since the end of May right after I had my m/c, but I now want to thank everyone for...
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By sizzles Blank
I'm two months along. I'm not sure exactly what I should be doing so far to keep the baby healthy? And how much water...
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TiKaBegiJan 17, 2011
star_girlSep 30, 2008
mysty2001Sep 29, 2008
star_girlSep 29, 2008
mysty2001Sep 28, 2008
By star_girl Blank
I dont know if its been talked about here but it has other places. I was just wondering if any of you are or have us...
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JennaDeuelAug 03, 2008
motherofethanJul 30, 2008
JennaDeuelJul 23, 2008
Rosa20Jul 21, 2008
LoandTansMom24Jul 21, 2008
By motherofethan Blank
Im due on the 11th of december and have to wait another week and a half until i find out what we are having. I really...
342647 tn?1291111533
Elyz1214Jun 16, 2008
carpediemforlifeJun 16, 2008
NikiNooJun 16, 2008
By LACh1 Blank
Well i know this sounds like it is very early but i fisrt started to feel some bubble like flutters at 14 weeks and s...
447077 tn?1222794170
Brittney11Jul 09, 2008
carpediemforlifeJul 09, 2008
Hyena5Jul 09, 2008
johannavilesJul 09, 2008
By Hyena5 Blank
At 16 weeks I had an ultrasound done by my cousin at first the baby would not show the goods then she got a few good ...
298462 tn?1259461575
Boots85Feb 13, 2010
bc13Nov 08, 2008
iluvdasiesOct 29, 2008
durhamjk1Oct 29, 2008
By iluvdasies Blank
my legs are so sore, my lower pelvis is aching and baby is allready head down. i was 50% effaced as of last wednesda...
1124023 tn?1261542848
By waitingforit Blank
ok well i took a pregnancy test about last tues the 24th of Nov. and it was neg. and i have pcos and my last period w...
354373 tn?1299188126
By KellyA74 Blank
Hi Everyone! Just wondering if anyone checks in anymore? I have to be honest, I don't check in as often as I should...
408496 tn?1269606950
KellyA74Oct 05, 2009
Keril14Oct 03, 2009
By durhamjk1 Blank
Yes I am pregnant again! I wanted my children close together - but now i am worried they will be too close! I know ...
354373 tn?1299188126
newbiemami08Jun 24, 2009
newbiemami08Jun 24, 2009
Keril14Jun 06, 2009
durhamjk1Jun 02, 2009
KellyA74Jun 02, 2009
By KellyA74 Blank
How is everyone doing? And how are the babies? My little Reid is now 4 months old, 13 lbs, 11oz and 24 3/4 inches l...
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beanhead70645May 28, 2009
h8outbreaksSep 16, 2008
By bevk1 Blank
i had a period and it only lasted 2 days when it last 6 days and my breasts itch and nauseas?
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melmommy30May 25, 2009
clairekApr 22, 2008
empty1Apr 22, 2008
clairekApr 21, 2008
JAXX55Apr 21, 2008
By empty1 Blank
Hi , I tested myself last Saturday and got a faint pregnancy test line . This week I went for blood work to confirm t...
463897 tn?1468017350
By MH Community Mgr Blank
Dear KellyA74, Congratulations on your One Year Anniversary as CL of the Babies Dec. '08: Baby Talk Community! A...
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Keril14Feb 14, 2009
By BBQ Blank
book says baby should smile at you when you smile at him/her. mine is 7 week today, but he doesn't smile much at all,...
659471 tn?1229463290
Keril14Feb 14, 2009
By ys1970 Blank
Hello All, I wonder if anybody experienced this with their babies: I have a 2 month o;d daughter who i'm breastfeed...
599170 tn?1300977493
JennaDeuelJan 22, 2009
star_girlJan 18, 2009
Brittney11Jan 16, 2009
By Cherie762 Blank
just curious what a wonderful Chritmas you all must be having
408496 tn?1269606950
star_girlJan 18, 2009
KellyA74Jan 17, 2009
By durhamjk1 Blank
I hope everyone is doing well and that everyone has healthy babies so far and that mommies are well-rested! Landen ...
537466 tn?1284856736
JAXX55Jan 09, 2009
KellyA74Dec 08, 2008
By missybrat Blank
Had my Baby today at 8.13 pm was very very easy went very fast He is 2 pounds 4 oz will post pics soon going to try t...
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