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Will I go into labor soon? Dialated 1cm and 30% effaced! Went into the hospital with contractions. Was there over night. All those contractions and no baby!
PureSugar | Last answer
First off, I haven't been on here since the end of May right after I had my m/c, but I now want to thank everyone for their advice with all my posts, you all are very helpful and knowledgeable women and I'm glad to be able to reach you :...
Joshs_Angels | Last answer
I'm two months along. I'm not sure exactly what I should be doing so far to keep the baby healthy? And how much water should I be drinking this far along?
sizzles | Posted
I dont know if its been talked about here but it has other places. I was just wondering if any of you are or have used cloth diapers? I wasn't going to. But the more and more i look into it, i am very excited and cant wait to do it. ...
star_girl | Last answer
Im due on the 11th of december and have to wait another week and a half until i find out what we are having. I really have a gut feeling that its a girl. I was wondering for those of you who have already found out, was your gut feelings ...
motherofethan | Last answer
Well i know this sounds like it is very early but i fisrt started to feel some bubble like flutters at 14 weeks and since then the movement has changed to little kicks and jabs - i asked my doc if it was too early to be feeling things bu...
LACh1 | Last answer
At 16 weeks I had an ultrasound done by my cousin at first the baby would not show the goods then she got a few good views and she was positive it's a girl. Then the following Monday I went to my Dr and they said the baby wasn't showing ...
Hyena5 | Last answer
my legs are so sore, my lower pelvis is aching and baby is allready head down. i was 50% effaced as of last wednesday--- i'm also really queezing feeling and tired.... does anyone know if these are signs that labor is near? or is thi...
iluvdasies | Last answer
ok well i took a pregnancy test about last tues the 24th of Nov. and it was neg. and i have pcos and my last period was on the 16 of Nov. and on 9 the Nov. i took out my nuvaring and me and my husben have been trying,now its the third of...
waitingforit | Posted
Hi Everyone! Just wondering if anyone checks in anymore? I have to be honest, I don't check in as often as I should. So, our little ones are approaching ONE! I can't believe it.......How are your little munchkins doing? My Reid:...
KellyA74 | Posted
Yes I am pregnant again! I wanted my children close together - but now i am worried they will be too close! I know we will be okay! I am excited for Landen to have a little playmate! I am due May 2010 - Landen will be 17 months old!...
durhamjk1 | Last answer
How is everyone doing? And how are the babies? My little Reid is now 4 months old, 13 lbs, 11oz and 24 3/4 inches long. He still doesn't sleep thru the night and barely naps, but is a happy baby for the most part......He's still only ...
KellyA74 | Last answer
i had a period and it only lasted 2 days when it last 6 days and my breasts itch and nauseas?
bevk1 | Last answer
Hi , I tested myself last Saturday and got a faint pregnancy test line . This week I went for blood work to confirm the pregnancy and still haven't got word back so I took another pregnancy test last night and this morning and the line i...
empty1 | Last answer
Dear KellyA74, Congratulations on your One Year Anniversary as CL of the Babies Dec. '08: Baby Talk Community! An anniversary is truly a time of celebration, and today we'd like to take a moment to thank you and your entire Communit...
MH Community Mgr | Posted
book says baby should smile at you when you smile at him/her. mine is 7 week today, but he doesn't smile much at all, let alone smile at me when i smile at him. do you think it could be a problem? i am concerned that he is not a very hap...
BBQ | Last answer
Hello All, I wonder if anybody experienced this with their babies: I have a 2 month o;d daughter who i'm breastfeeding on demand. She is doing fine with that. Our problem started 3 days ago, when she started crying between 5pm and unti...
ys1970 | Last answer
just curious what a wonderful Chritmas you all must be having
Cherie762 | Last answer
I hope everyone is doing well and that everyone has healthy babies so far and that mommies are well-rested! Landen and I are doing great! I have adjusted to mommy-hood just fine (it took a few weeks). We have some-what of a schedule d...
durhamjk1 | Last answer
Had my Baby today at 8.13 pm was very very easy went very fast He is 2 pounds 4 oz will post pics soon going to try to sleep now ....
missybrat | Last answer
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