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I went in on Friday 9/18 for cramping, I was 4 weeks 4 days pregnant. My hcg levels were 22. I was told to go in on Monday to see if they at least doubled. My hcg levels on Monday were 48. Shouldn't my levels be much higher than this...
sondamom0828 | Last answer
Me and my boyfriend are planning on having a baby when is the best time to try should we wait until his son gets older he has a two year old son his sons Mom just had a baby in June is it too early for us to bring in a new baby
Rae222 | Posted
Okay ladies.....I am a FTM and 19 weeks 3 days......so far i have gained 2lbs and it is almost impossible for anyone to notice that I have anymore belly now than I did over the summer.....my belly used to cave inwards normally and now it...
teachnz | Last answer
Hi all, I'm wondering if yuu can help me, I'm 18 years old and my partner is quit a bit older then me, and had the snip done in his previous marriage 12 years ago, so we don't use protection. For the past 4 - 5 years I've been as regular...
chillin94 | Last answer
I found out I am about 5 weeks pregnant, I have been having mild cramps since I found out, nothing too serious... I also have been having clear discharge... this morning I thought I saw some blood on my toilet paper, so I rushed to the E...
MandiLynn57 | Last answer
I had my 12 wks check up yesterday and my fundel height was 7cm my doc said i should be about 2 to 3cm. is this normal???
carlyh100 | Posted
Well to sum it all up...I was on the birth control Marina for a year And 2 months I was experiencing a lot of problems soo I decided to get the Marina taken out March 15,2012 my period normally falls on the 27th Of each month and is...
Sohomami | Posted
I an 30 weeks pregnant and I used cocaine at least 6 times during pregnancy. What are the possibilities my child will be born with an birth defect?
earline21 | Posted
Hi I am 10.5 weeks pregnant all during my pregnancy so far I have been getting cramping (same feeling as periods, but not bleeding or spotting) when I lye down I feel little better but cramping still there but not as bad, also by the tim...
Chrys24 | Last answer
hi, i am 12 weeks pregnant and these days i had vaginal dischargies, it is white, thin, and smells like a men sperm. it is normal? or i should contact my doctor? thank you
jona2 | Last answer
My last lmp was the 11th March but my periods are very irregular. I had intercourse on the 9th and the 15th of April and did a positive test on the 7th of May. When i had my dating ultrasound it said i was 12 weeks 3 days pregnant and th...
MissP2011 | Posted
If i had sex on the 12th day after my period which was on the 25th of this monthh. is it possible i kan be prego? ivee been trying for the longest and nothing yet?? please let me knw
DeeAyyTee86 | Last answer
I think im leaking some fluid but im not so sure i dont have any big gushes come out but every time i move i feel something come out and my panties are damp when i check its like nothing is there earlier today when i used the bathroom th...
Mommy0711 | Last answer
The thing is when I first went to the doctor's after suspecting I was pregnant, I counted the first day of my last menses as August 9, 2010 which I had actually marked on my calendar because I found it strange that it lasted for only a f...
mamaparalaprimeravez96 | Last answer
i am 21 weeks pregnant and i had my detail scan yesterday where i found a problem that is Bilateral Choroid Plexus cyst noted as Rt=4mm and Lt=5mm so how much risk is involed in it please reply me thank you
Hi, We've recently opened two online "Playgroups" and a "New Parents" Community! Our Playgroups are Babies: 0-6 mos and Babies: 6 mos - 1yr, while our New Parents Community is for parents of babies aged 0-6mos old. Please join ou...
MH Community Mgr | Posted
hi i'm due may 5th 2010. anyone due the same time. i'm so excited and hoping for a girl.
shayne009 | Last answer
Hiya, I am 3 weeks late for my period. I have been feeling very tired, having hot flushes, constipation, aching breasts, wind , heartburn, feeling bloated etc. My fiance is 100% sure I am not pregnant. Is he right, or could he have ejacu...
junogirl | Last answer
my last period was on 7/30/10. and i had sex on 8/14/10 and 8/15/10. and on 8/17/10 i noticed some light pink spotting. the next day it stopped. but yesterday (8/18/10) in the afternoon i noticed it looked like i had started my period bu...
kreezy122 | Last answer
Hey girls!!! All our babies are between 2 and 3 months now! and haven't heard any updates. just want to see how everyone's babies are doing. so let me know please! Ill start with Cole Cole will be 11 weeks on Tuesday, so almost 3 mont...
ammanda | Last answer
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