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Journals about Pain


by gloryrose, Feb 08, 2016 - 7 Comments
Okay, so...over the past two months, I have had three different "periods," each v...

by Hermitthefrog, Feb 02, 2016
So I woke up around 10 am this morning and was thinking that was great so I'd be able ...

by Hermitthefrog, Feb 01, 2016
I just woke up and it was almost 2pm. I had a hard time getting out of the deep sleep and ...

by angierose84, Jan 30, 2016
I just started this pain tracker because I wanted to be able to hand something to all of my...

by wilsonM, Jan 14, 2016
I'm in need of some help with my most recent problem which has been the build up of ga...

by APaigeM, Jan 07, 2016
My skin Burned like fire, all over and constantly, for over 2 years before I was diagnose...

by xmysticalxmichellex, Jan 02, 2016
Hello, all, I've been meaning 2 start writing in some kinda blog/journal/diary/bos aga...

by Alajarae, Dec 31, 2015
hay i got my lip pierced and its painful but its swollen but i put something cold on it it ...

by lizann151515, Dec 14, 2015
I have massive lower back/kidney pain and I feel like puking. I'm not peeing as freque...

by ashy17, Nov 29, 2015
1. i have chest pains, and my jaw is hurting and I dont know what is going on im only 16 an...