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Pain meds
I was recently in an accident at work I broke my arm had surgery on it and also Herniated a disc lower back. I was 20 days clean when this happened.
I was in the hospital overnight and I was given IV pain meds and when released also given RX for meds I took them and made the choice to have someone I trust hold them and I only took as prescribed. Well I found out that it took edge off pain but My Tolerance level is too high I am still in pain and chasing my tail I feel.
So as of Friday almost 2 weeks after my accident I stopped pain meds and am taking anti Inflam. meds prescribed to me By Dr. and Flushed the other pain meds.
I was just hoping anyone could help as far as what meds that are Non_narcotic I could take to help me. I am recovering from the surgery and have Phy Therapy and My Dr told me I was getting off pain meds way too soon but I felt like I was going to be in pain even with these meds yes They took edge off my pain they did. But I really dont want to start this cycle all over again. I was 20 days in on my journey of getting my life back. I was fighting the battle and dealing with all the mental issues and I went through CT WD and it was hell . I Know I am not the first addict that is recovering to need pain meds. i might be crazy but I am going to try and push through the pain I am on day 3 w/o any and as far as WDs I was a little foggy and mild WD stuff but no where near what it was like when I quit .   I know I can do this I want this I wanted this before and had made my mind up and then I had the accident. I want to heal and I know its a process from my injuries But I want to do it w/o the narcotics.
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