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Can running out of my xanax cause me to have a seizure?
Ok here goes another question.....I have been Tapering off Methadone for which I began Treatment for my Opiate addiction. I have also been prescribed Xanax 1 mg 3 X's a day AND IN 11 years I have NEVER EVER Abused or taken more than I was prescribed.....BUT...yes there's a BUT......I have noticed my anxiety which have been under control for 11 years ( Yes I TRIED every single anti depressant which ONLY made me DEPRESSED) as it was prescribed by a Psyciatrist/MD I began seeing for Sessions 11 years ago....for all my Childhood trauma...
Anyhow I am running dangerously low....I do not know anyone who takes them I do but deleted their phone #'s.....
Will I have a Seizure within hours? Days? until I get my next refill Next Friday??
Yes I plan on telling my doctor whats happening as she is very well informed of my methadone treatment and she is actually made a statement at an appointment back in May a month into my treatment of Methadone "These (xanax's) should help you when you're ready to taper off meth as your anxiety may increase"??
So I plan on telling her what is happening with me....
But please just let me know if I will infact have a Seizure???
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