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Odd fish allergy
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Odd fish allergy

I am so glad I found this site!! I have been living with an odd allergy and it drives me insane. Hopefully with your help I can come closer to understanding the allergy.

In short, I am allergic to some fish and not others. The reaction is stomach/chest discomfort, itchy and swollen throat etc. I noticed this many many years ago (I am 38) when I ate Tuna. This allergy is so frustrating to me because I love the taste of fish.

There was a time when I could eat Tuna in a Subway sandwhich and have no issue but it was rare as most of the time I react. Pretty simple so far but here is where it gets odd and confuses me. I have tried McDonalds Filet O' Fish back when they used either Pollak or Hoki. One made me react and one did not. Below is a short list of fish I know I am UNABLE to eat..

Most (if not all) white fish
Pretty sure Cod but not sure on Tilapia (Took a bite of fried cod and had no issue last night but have had issues before with Cod)
Some imitation crab

BUT, I CAN eat the following in ALL YOU CAN EAT quantities.
(Anything in a shell)

I used to think it was the fish oil but I take fish oil pills and never have a problem with any type of fish oil. I would really like to keep a list of fish I can eat but that would involve me trying them all and writing it down. If I knew I could take something to limit my reaction it may be worth a try.
Any advice or input would be much appreciated. I am just really confused as to what I am actually allergic to.
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Hi and sorry the late reply, since your allergies are quite extensive with types of fish, if you have some extra money or insurance, go to a allergy clinic and have some testing done. They will best guide you on what to do. You might not have an allergy at all but might be some other issue,
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