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Swollen eyes & face, bright red skin, lumpy rash on eyes & lips...
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Swollen eyes & face, bright red skin, lumpy rash on eyes & lips

Over a few months at the beginning of this year I started waking up with quite swollen eyelids, so much so that I couldn't open my eyes sometimes. I didn't think too much about it (thinking it was due to sleeping in the heat) and instead just put a cold compress over my eyes which seemed to work over the period of the day.
However a few months ago the same thing happened, but extremely severely. I woke up with eyes so swollen that I could barely see, along with a rash of small lumps under my eyes (where the bags usually are). The lumps and the swelling also spread to my lips which puffed up to twice their size.
I went to the doctors and they couldn't figure out what it was, however they put me on some over the counter antihistamines which actually seemed to not do anything and made it worse.
After three days of cold compresses over my eyes and lips in a darkened room it settled down to slight swelling. I then went to work a graveyard shift with a small amount of makeup, and towards the end of my shift I experienced severe pain and swelling and had to go home. I went to sleep and woke up and it was a hundred times worse, my eyes almost completely closed with the right eye being the worst, large amounts of that lumpy rash and extremely puffy lips and bright redness under my eyes.
The doctors had no idea and after seeing 7 different ones, they all put me on a variety of different steroids. I continued to use a cold compress which helped a small amount, and it seems the only thing the steroids (both tablets, eyedrops and cream) did was make the redness worse and to give me rough, flaky skin where the lumps were.
It eventually went away after a total of 12 days for the most severe part of it. I didn't experience any blocked airways or anything that would make me think it was life threatening.
Since then (March) I've had two small reoccurrences, both which went away with a cold compress (one was only limited to my lips).

I have absolutely no idea what this could be. I didn't eat or drink anything different before each occurrence, haven't used any different makeup or creams or anything. I thought it might be the mould in my place as I lived in the tropics, but then I moved and I had another reoccurrence. Any ideas? Every morning I wake up absolutely terrified it's going to happen again and I can't keep living like this, especially with the pain that comes with the allergy occurrences.
Help me!
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