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Do I have Celiac-test results
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Do I have Celiac-test results

Basically about 5 months ago after taking an antibitotic which I've never had a problem with before, I developed a rumbling on my right side after eating certain foods. Occasionally loose stool, gas, depending on the food, some bloating and lack of appetite .I also have some leg weakness and muscle aches but they may be related to the thyroid issue. Dr suggested probiotic, tried that, didn't do much good.
We recently discussed it again, so she said lets check Celiac's while we do our regular tests. These are what she did and results

Anti-Endomysial  1:10 (Ref <1:10) Flagged as High
Glaidin, IgG, Abs  <20 (Ref <20)  Flagged as normal
Glaidin, IgA Abs    <20 (Ref <20)  Flagged as normal

I am positive for Hashimoto's Antibodies. Not currently on any thyroid meds.
What tests are next?  I saw that the other one might show positive because of the Hashi's.
Are there any routiune tests that would be affected by Celiac or glutten problems?
Any advice welcome.
Thank you
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You could try a Ttg IgA and an endoscopy.    One of my daughters was tested with the anti-endomysial test and it came back positive, so our Ped GI did a biopsy.

She only had one area that could possibly indicate celiac, but she also had damage from reflux.  He told me that the test (anti endomysial)  just told him she had damage, but it didn't tell him what was causing it.

I think I would look in to getting on thyroid meds for your hashi's so that you don't end up having a bunch of symptoms from it that just confuse things more for you.

Make sure you stay on gluten until you get a definite diagnosis.
Dr said the positive test meant "I was on the cusp" and shouldn't worry about it. What the heck does that mean?
Then she got sidetracked because they listed the wrong reference ranges on other hormones tests (it listed me as a male) She missed that and thought the numbers were thru the roof and I had a pituary tumor. So the conversation and visit was over until she could get the report corrected.
She's the one who recommended I go gluten-free when I tested positive for Hashi's antiboides about 6 months ago.
Is a gurgling side after a meal, especially a sandwich, a symptom of some type of gluten problem?

I haven't started any thyroid meds because I'm still on the Hashi's rollercoaster any my thyroid numbers are okay.
I've been reading recently that gluten free might be good for people with hashi's  something about the thyroid cells being similar to something connected to celiac---this is new to me.   I need to learn about it, though---because my husband just got thyroid blood work that indicates hashi's---he has been on thyroid meds for 18 years.  right now he is on 2 grains of NP Thyroid and his TSH is 14.12  and his FT4 is .56---so he is hypo even on medication and the antibodies are pretty high---I don't want him to have an autoimmune attack----I hear that hashi's can get pretty nasty, sometimes.

Also, because we were involved in a celiac study we know that my hubby carries on of the main celiac genes---and so do I and 8 of my 9 children.

keep in touch--I'd like to learn a little more about the celiac and hashi's connection.
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