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Need labwork transalation--celic in 3 yo
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Need labwork transalation--celic in 3 yo

My son is 3.5. I have suspected a gluten intollerance for some time now. removing gluten from our household would prove to be difficult (as I have another child who refuses to eat pretty much anything but whole grains...and she is very underweight). Therefore, I've been pursuing bloodwork throughout time for a more clear diagnosis prior to removing the gluten. Please laugh now. You all probably know that it's rare to get a clear diagnosis for celiac. I'm figuring that out now! My SIL has celiac, diagnosed when she was an adult. (Son's paternal aunt.)

I finally obtained some of his labwork results. The doctor is very protective of this info, so I don't have all of it. Here are some results. Perhaps someone can help with the Gliadin Ab IgG value...

Gliadin Ab, IgA <3
Gliadin Ab, IgG 11 (marked as High)
   Reference Range for both:
   Negative: 17
Celiac Disease Panel
tTG Ab, IgA <3
   Reference Range:
   Negative: 8
IgA Serum was 62 (Reference Range: 24-121)

Oh, and my son has an IgG3 deficiency as well. All his other Ig values have been relatively normal, but his IgG3 value is 4 (with a reference for him of 19-85). Also has chronic (but controlled) eczema, as well as chronic sinus infections, 3 sets of ear tubes, and EXCESSIVE saliva to the point where sometimes it interferes with his speech.
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Somehow, the reference ranges did not come out properly in my original post. I'll try it again.

For the Gliadin Ab IgA and IgG, the reference range is as follows: 17 is Positive.

For the CD Panel, the reference range is as follows: 8 is Positive.
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