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Severe bloating and upset stomach please HELP
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Severe bloating and upset stomach please HELP

Hi am I am 22 year old female and I have been going to doctors as far back as I can remember with tons of various ailments and I have had NO answers. I am working with a G.I. doctor but not sure how much hope I have in a solution.

My most recent concerns are extreme-extreme tiredness to the point that I cannot keep my eyes open at certain times in the day and can't get out of bed to go to work in the morning, I constantly feel that I could lay down and sleep for a day straight, it is rare that I feel I have enough energy to get through the day normally. I go through times that this is bearable but certain times (usually around my menstral cycle) I cannot get out of bed and I have no problem staying there for a day or two regardless of what committments I need to break, I've also experienced a loss in apetite, weight gain, shorter lighter periods that continue to decrease, but longer PMS accompanied with head-splitting headaches. Abdominal cramps, lower back pain that worsens with stress but has put me in the ER twice, feeling very depressed and disconnected in spurts of a few hours, extreme bloating usually after eating (even if only a small amount) to the point of looking 5-6 months pregnant sometimes accompanied with a slight fever, constant nausea, always cold, always get the chills, constantly belching, frequent white vaginal discharge, and vivid dreams that have me waking up anxious and sometimes in a sweat and I've noticed I have developed Myoclonus (twitching in my sleep) over the past couple years. Most recently I have visited a G.I. doctor and she put me on 3 antibiotics equaling 6 pills a day, I got bloodwork done with stool sample and had an ultrasound of gallbladder, pancreas & liver with came back normal. I am now experiencing nausea, frequent belching, no energy, waking up in a coughing fit, vomitting and loose BM over 5 times a day. Some of these concerns are becoming paralyzing and are affecting my daily life. It's also starting to be very depressing feeling like a 'defect' and constantly not feeling 100%.

These symptoms are all in spite of the fact that I am usually a pretty happy, outgoing, spiritual person. I don't eat extremely healthy but I have not been eating much different than usual, I try to drink about 5 bottles of water a day also I exercise from time to time when my energy permits. I take vitamins daily- including Vitamin B, Iron, Fishoil, Benafiber, cranberry pill, and asadophilus.

I have recently quit smoking (for probably the 3rd time in my life) and I am 5-6 weeks into my smobriety now. Also speaking of -briety.. I have been clean and sober for a year and a half. (my drugs of choice were alcohol, klonapin & marajuana) In my addiction binge drinking on anti-depressants/ anti-anxiety medications caused frequent vommiting. I have struggled with depression for about 9 years and was a cutter/ suicidal but since in sobriety I have been on a small daily dose of Zoloft that seems to do the trick. I also have a therapist I meet with every two weeks and a sponser in my 12-step program I speak to daily as well as attending at least 4-5 meetings a week.

Other health problems include HPV, TMJ and PMDD, past frequent UTI's, and constipation. I have had been diagnosed with hemroids and IBS, Hymenectomy at 11 yrs. old, at about 17-18 I had a trip to the hospital for severe gas/ constipation, I've had a colonoscopy at 18 yrs. old, a cystoscopy and stretching of urethra twice at 19 & 22 yrs. old, sinusitis several times, sport induced asthma, I have been tested negative for any thyroid problems or diabetes, received a kidney scan with no results, I have also had a full allergy test with no significent results, I've had pollups removed from cervix at 20 yrs. old, cyst removed in my right breast at 20 yrs. old (now I have one in my left breast about the size of a pea that hurts to the touch), itchy dry skin or psoriasis on finger and palm that worsens with stress. When I was on a different birth control in the past (I believe Yaz) my depression or PMDD.. whatever it is 1-2 weeks prior to my period has been so bad that I have felt suicidal. Now I am on Lutera- a generic for Alesse. Recently went to GYN and she does not think any of the concerning recent symptoms are related to her field.

Colitis, hernias, high blood pressure, depression, skin cancer, anxiety and high cholesteral run in my family.

So, whats wrong with me??
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Food sensitivities affect people badly.  It could be related to Tyramine Intolerance.  I wouldn't say that's the official or the only answer.  I know enough about auto immune and similar issues that you're talking about to recognize this isn't quite that simple.

Has anyone mentioned Fibromyalgia (FMS) as a possibility?  A lot o what you're talking about sounds like this could be a possibility.  The trick with FMS is that even though there are several symptoms consistent with nearly everyone with FMS, there are also symptoms and other illnesses that are completely unique to individuals with FMS that no one else in a group would have.  Have you had your thyroid tested?  Your adrenals?  Many with FMS have Hashimotos.  Same with people in the CFS category.  Not all with FMS have the retrovirus, but many do.  Most in the CFS category have diagnosed Epstein Barr, Lyme or the retrovirus or some combination therein.  Depression and anxiety are quite common with FMS.  Skin issues like what you're talking about, such as eczema or psoriasis are quite common.  Many have diabetes, though not all do.  

Checking into food sensitivities could at least lessen many of your symptoms.  That skin issue you're talking about sounds like eczema.  Eczema is auto immune and is often exasperated by gluten intolerance.  I get such a deep itch that can't be reached or relieved by simple scratching.  In fact, with eczema, it is best not to scratch that deep seated itch, because that can actually cause the skin to break out in an outward flare of the eczema.  Colitis or IBD has a separate forum here that might be beneficial for you as well.  Colon issues can definitely be exasperated by gluten intolerances.  Gluten intolerance can make your mind all foggy, and it can exasperate depression and anxiety.  It can also aggravate migraine disorders.  Gluten intolerance can actually aggravate your menstrual symptoms, too.  Gluten can really wreak havoc on your life, whether you get officially diagnosed with Celiac or not.  The modern hybrids of wheat are said to be 80% gluten, so it's no wonder that people really suffer from it.

Check out this website:  http://www.whfoods.com/genpage.php?tname=faq&dbid=30#what
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