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penis bumps
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penis bumps

I have what i believe to be blocked hair follicles on the under side of my penis, my family doctor said they were hair follicles and after doing research on the internet I have come to the conclusion that they must be blocked hair follicles.

I am 21 and have had the lumps since i was 10 - 11 years old. Most of the follicles are not very prominent and as such are not really a problem, however some of the follicles are pretty large (even my doctor noted that they were large) and do cause me a lot of distress. Most of the large follicles have become larger over time, although do seem to become smaller during periods of abstaining from sex.

After seeking advice over the internet for possible treatments from a skincare center I was told that laser epilation would prove to be successful, and was told to contact my local dermatologist or beauty center. After contacting beauty centers they say to book a consultation to discuss the matter but consultations at such establishments cost about $200 U.S. dollars.

I have spent some time researching treatments for the larger hair follicles and have found a variety of possible treatments.

So my questions regardinding treating the large follicles are as follows:

1. Would any of the acne treatments such as lotions, laser treatments (nlite, lyra, etc), or chemical peels yield any results.

2. Would any of the warts or mole treatments (such as used to remove genital warts) yield any results.

3. Would any of the treatments for folliculitis (i have seen laser treatments offered, and the folliculitis looks very similar to blocked hair follicles) yeild any results.

4. I have seen a treatment called follicular unit extractioon (FUE) which claims to remove individual hair follicles without leaveing any vissible scarring, would this treatment be as sucessful as claimed or even possible.

5. I have seen a variety of cosmetic operations for the penis (such as adding a layer of fat to increase gerth, penis enlargement, cutting away nerves to help with premature ejaculation), colud one of thee procedures be tailored to yeild any results.

6. Would it be worth booking a consultation at a skincare center / beauty center to disscuss any possible treatment, i ask because $200 is a lot to pay for them to say we cant help you.

7. Colud you inform me of any other avenues i could pursue in seeking treatments.

I know you cant give any definitive answers without seeing the follicles yourself, but please can you answer my questions and help me see the wood from the trees.
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I think you are correct about what these are, but technically they are small cysts (little round balls filled with dead skin cells.)  These are common all over the body and no one knows the cause.  The assumption that they are "blocked hair follicles" is just an assumption.

You can't remove these without some form of surgery, which I emphatically do not recommend, because there's no way to remove them without scarring, and besides, they would just come back.  You will, I think, need to come to terms with your having these, as many men do, and ignore them, because they have no significance.  It isn't worth it, in my opinion, for you to spend any money, much or little, in a futile attempt to do what cannot and doesn't need to be done.


Dr. Rockoff
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I'm expierencing something somewhat similar but am not sure exactly and I'd appreciate a response. I am circumcised and have extreme amounts of small red bumps on the edge of the "head" of my penis. They become somewhat irritated during masturbation, but not very much. I am worried if this is dangerous to my health. Thank you for your time.
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