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Axis difference between eyeglasses and RX
I got my glasses from an online optical and wear it for a few days and had a weird feeling. It's hard to explain, but somewhat like itch, dry feeling of my left eye and dizzy. I am trying to figure out whether it's caused by the wrong prescription glasses or my brain.

I have 2 glasses from the same online optical and ordered at the same time.
Since I have this itchiness, I have them checked at a local optometrist, and it turns out:

Right -4.5 -.5 178
Left -4.25 -.75 29

Right -4.5 -.5 177
Left -4.25 -.75 154

Looks like they made right eye correctly, but the left one is a bit off.
Especially the first one, the axis supposed to be 180(Please see my prescription below).
Should I send them back for a replacement? Or Is it okay to keep?

Thank you so much.

This is my prescription:
Right -4.5 -.5 180
Left -4.25 -.5 180
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The astigmatism axis is way off for the left eye, worse in the first prescription.  I would have your optometrist recheck your left eye, and then have the glasses re-made.  It will not hurt your eyes to wear the glasses, but the vision won't be as sharp as it could be.
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