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Bubble in my Iris
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Bubble in my Iris

Hello Doctor,

My eyes normally get red around finals time because of lack of sleep and wearing contacts for too long. So I did away with the contacts wearing glasses only for a couple weeks and tried to get more sleep. My eyes seemed to be returning to normal until I found that one of my eyes developed what looked to be a bubble on my iris. It looks like air got trapped under a layer in my eye or something. I'm not really sure what to call it or how serious it can be. Also, my eye is red in the surrounding area of the bubble. It's not very large, and in a oval rather than circular fashion. It doesn't affect my vision, however it is itchy and bugs me sometimes when I blink. I end up waking up with very teary eyes. What could be the problem and how serious is this? Should I go see an ophthalmologist or is there any sort of over the counter medicine/drops I could use to alleviate the symptoms and pain? Is there anything I can do at all or is it just a waiting process? Please let me know. Thank you.
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You know, I am trying to visualize what you are describing and could speculate on what you have (conjunctival cyst?, pterygium?)  I just can't say what you have without seeing you in person.  Unfortunately since I'm not your doctor, I just need to recommend that you see ophthalmologist right away.

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Good Evening Doctor,

So I researched what you suggested I might have, and it appears to be closer to a pterygium, yet not exactly. I don't have any protrusions or milkiness in the conjunctiva of my eye, but there is that white bubble I spoke of still. Redness is still apparent, and the growth seems to not have grown any larger. I am going to see my doctor tomorrow to see if he can recommend me to an ophthalmologist and get it checked out asap. Thanks for the help.
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