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Strabismus Surgery
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Strabismus Surgery

My case is sort of complicated but I will explain it. I am 23 years old.

I was born 2 months premature with my lungs severely underdeveloped and as a result they had me on oxygen but the doctor said I was on it to long and as a result developed alternating strabismus so at age 2 I had strabismus surgery. Well everything was going smoothly for a long while until May when I poked myself it the eye accidently and scratched my cornea. My eyes started to alternate and I had one or two small complications resulting from the original injury. I went to the ophthalmologist a few times and it was sort of a guessing game as it was hard to explain exactly what was going on until recently after researching it and putting it into medical terms. Well the alternation seemed to either be stress related or my brain trying to align my eyes.

Anyways, now that all of the symptoms are taken care the main problem is that the gaze of my eyes is greatly off so it wants to use one eye or the other but not both. I now have a referral in early May to see somebody that can do the surgery because my doctor retired from eye muscle surgeries years ago. The surgery will take care of the gaze problem right? That seemed to be the root problem.

Other things to note, while I had a lazy eye and a little bit of suppression I still used both eyes and as a result my eyesight did not deteriorate much in either eye as my eyes are 20/20 and though I was originally put in glasses the doctor said they didn't really help and on the most recent visit the ophthalmologist said that the prescription was extremely close to the one they did at 12. (11 years ago) My lazy eye didn't drift much either from its position during the course of 20 years.

Also while I am thinking, my right eye is my dominate eye so I have a tendency to use it a lot more given the current problem, should I patch my eye an hour or two a day so I can keep my left eye's strength up?

Sorry for being long winded.  
Don't patch, instead do pencil pushups (orthoptics) if you want to try something...use both eyes together as much as possible trying to force them to see together. If they are drifting, strabismus surgery may be beneficial. Sometimes overprescribing the glasses (over minus) can cause the eyes to accommodate more, thus stimulating convergence.
Best wishes,
Timothy D. McGarity, M.D.
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