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Swelling behind the eye
My 10 year old son had to have a CAT scan, MRI and a spinal tap due to the Neurologist and Opthamologist noticed that he had swelling behind his eyes he does not have headaches
he does not have any nausea, or vomiting and No blurry vision except when he doesn't have his glasses on.  He is a pretty active and normal 10 Year old.  He has been diagnosed with ADHD and is very hyper but otherwise is very normal. What causes swelling behind the eyes and what is the technical/medical term for the condition?  The Dr. put him on Diamox 500 MG SEQUELS but my son can not swallow capsules.  Does this medication come in a liquid form or even a smaller pill form?  (Oh yea all of the tests came back normal and he wears glasses)
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Swelling of the optic nerves is called papilledema. The results of the test and the medication he was put on indicate that he most likely has pseudotumor cerebri.

This is the best article on the condition. Print it out and read it several times.


Diamox is not available as a liquid. Discuss with the Eye MD what you can do to get the pills down him. The condition can cause serious damage to the sight.

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