Twtiching and flashes of light
by rjmj, May 26, 2007
For a few months now I have been experiencing a eye spasam (twitching) but two days ago I experienced some flashes of light and weird feeling in my head on the right side.  I asked a doctor a few months ago about the eye movements (twitching spasm) and she said not to worry that it does that sometimes.  I get it very often.  Latelly I have been experience weird feeling in my head brain area.  Should I be worried about this..........
rjmu   It is unlikely that one thing is causing all your symptoms. The twitching of the eyelid is often 'myokymia' which is an irritable eye muscle that closes the eye (orbicularis).  While annoying it is not serious. While it seems to last forever it usually goes away in a few days, or a few weeks rarely a few months. Fatigues, stress, caffeine are often 'triggers' for eyelid twitching.

The flashes of light are a different story. The sudden onset of flashes of light arising from inside the eye can indicate traction on the retina (usually a posterior vitreous detachment [see archives]; but rarely a detached retina [see archives]).

A complete eye examination by an ophthalmologist (EyeMD) would be the place to start. Because of the flashes I would do this sooner as opposed to later. Be sure to tell the appointment person your symptoms to insure a 'sooner' examination.

Your last complaint 'weird feeling in my head brain area' should be discussed with your person physician at a 'sooner' office examination.

Good Luck

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