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Zig zag like things in vision
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Zig zag like things in vision

   I am going to try and explain this the only way I can.Yesterday there was a spot in my eye that first seemed like I had looked at a light
  to long. It was a small spot that grew larger and was sort of
  like a glowing see through zig zag thing. It got larger and I couldn't see all that well.
  It finally started going to the right and then up then it was gone.
  It lasted about 45 minutes. This also happened about 6
  months ago and I went to the emergency room because I thought I
  was having a stroke. They did an MRI and said everything was fine.
  They said it usually happens to people who are about to have a
  migraine. I didn't have a headache then or now. Please, can you tell me what this is? I am 34 years
  old and have never had eye problems.
This is a very classic description of pre-migraine visual symptoms.  There are many people who have the visual symptoms but never develop the headache and this is called a migraine equivalent or ocular migraine.  At some point in your life you may have these symptoms associated with a headache.  Migraines tend to run in families and so it would be interesting for you to inquire about this.  A migraine is basically a spasm of an artery in the brain and it affects the blood flow to different areas (example - visual center).  As you described the symptoms usually last from a few minutes to a few hours but then things return to normal.  Besides the zig zag noted in your vision there may also be temporary loss of part of your side vision.  You can discuss this with your family doctor and he/she may be able to recommend avoiding certain foods which may trigger these symptoms in some people.  You should also have a complete ophthalmic examination.
Good Luck.
*Keywords:  Migraine, Headache, Ocular Migraine

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