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high farsightedness
My 4 1/2 year old just had her vision screening for preschool and was diagnosed with high farsightedness.  It also says that this can lead to or contribute to eye crossing.  Could you please define high farsightedness and tell me the next appropriate steps to take?
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Farsighted means the eye is too short and when light enters the eye its not bent (focused enough). To see clearly the child has to focus even at distance. There is a connection between the reflex for focusing and converging or turning in the eyes. In high farsightedness when the child focus to see clearly it often crosses the eye. The child has no good choice if not focus everything is blurry, if does focus eyes crosses and he sees double. The brain doesn't like double vision so it stops paying attention to one eye and that eye does not develop normal sight (amblyopia). Also after a while the eye often stays crossed all the time.

Your child should be under the care of a Eye MD physician ophthalmologist (emphatically not a non-physician limited care eye provider = optometrist).  The Eye MD should be a pediatric ophthalmologist or a general ophthalmologist that does a lot of pediatric work.

Treatment is glasses that sometimes need to be bifocals.

The condition often runs in families. Don't forget to have any other kids checked for this. The most common age for this to develop is 2.5-4 years old.

This is very important. Amblyopia can blind the eye as certainly as a firecracker or BB gun (at least as far as central reading vision).

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