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pain in the eye!
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pain in the eye!

My problem is that a week ago my right eye started to look a bit pink-ish and I noticed that I was very sensitive to light.The next day I noticed a big blood clot on the white part of my eye,under my upper eye lid.I went to the optomologist and he told me that the blood clot could happen every once in a while,but more important was the fact that I had  imflammation in my eye.He dilated my pupil for 5 days an put me on steroids ( PRED FORTE ) The first day I had to use it very often,then gradually less.The fourth day my pupil started to get smaller again,and the pain started too,so did the sensitivity to light.The doctor told me that everything looked ok,the eye had to adjust,because it had not worked and focussed for days,so he told me to give it some time.It has been a week now,and I am still sensitive to light,I feel a stabbing pain up to my head when there is a change in light in the environment I am in,and there is also a little blurriness.The blood clot is almost gone,and tomorrow I have to take my last dose of prednisone.
What do you think might be wrong?? I dont know what to do..
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You are describing a treatment for iritis or inflamation (inflammation) of the color part of the eye. Iritis is a specific for of uveitis or inflammation of the middle layer of the eye (iris, ciliary body, choroid). It has a tendency to persist or re-occur. If it does so you will need a work up to determine if there is a systemic disease that is causing it.

Use Google search and read about iritis and uveitis as well as the search feature on this page.

I would recommend you call your Eye MD ophthalmologist and go in for a follow up exam to see if its flairing up again.

JCH III MD Eye Physician & Surgeon
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