Open Gallbladder Surgery Pending - Swollen Lymph Nodes, liver disease ect.
by Shay64, May 19, 2008
Hi - I have been having pain for 2 years. Thought it was wicked heartburn. Apparently I have the pain threshold of a soldier cause the pain lasted 6 hours but my last 'attack' would not stop and my husband thought I was having a heart attack and called an ambulance. I spent 2 days in ICU and a total of a week in hospital. They said I had acute gallbladder disease whatever that meant but could not operate right away. I was on antibiodics, morphine and more antibiodics. Since then I get pain if I eat fat, meat, ect so I don't. I lost 35lbs in 6 weeks (I am overweight so bonus) I have high LFT's and "liver disease" and constant "3-5ish pain", nausea and FATIGUE FATIGUE FATIGUE. I have diahrea constantly. I also have sore neck with swollen lymph nodes and painful and found a lump on my breast. I had blood tests and have a mamogram next month. My question is this: they were going to operate when I was in the hospital but then said I had to wait 4 weeks then go back to talk to the head surgeon. When I talked to him he said 3-4 months wait. He wants me to lose more weight and be healthier cause they may have to do an OPEN cholysectomy. Why is this so??? Also why are my lymph nodes swollen and why am I so exhausted all the time that I can't work or do more than one task at a time. Thanks
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by CalGal, May 20, 2008
Swollen lymph nodes could indicate that you have an inflammatory process going on and that means that tissues in the area of the inflammatory process will be swollen. Swollen tissues put out a lot of chemicals and fluids that can make the tissues around them 'boggy' and difficult to handle during an operation and also makes them more reluctant to heal. It's not something any surgeon wants to cut into. It's hard enough to get a clear field of vision in decently healthy tissues during a laproscopic operation, but if the area is swollen and someone is carrying a fair amount of weight, further obscuring the field, it turns it into a very difficult situation. That's probably why they want to go to an open operation and want you healthier before they go inside.
by Shay64, May 26, 2008
This is logiceal, I hadn't known. Thanks for the input. They put me on strong antibiodics for a week due to the lymph nodes and level of infection so I felt good for a few days but that didn't last once the antibiodics ended. Just have to be patient I guess.
by help227, May 27, 2008
Well I had the same problems doctors were telling me that I had acid reflux for a year. I was throwing up had really bad stomach pains that would last a least 2hrs. Finialy I had to be rush to the hospital where they did a ultrasound and found out that I had gallstones.  well one exscape and was on my pancreas which cause me to have pancreatits,and juandice I was on all types of meds I could not eat or do anything for myself my veins collaped several times I had to have 4 units of blood before surgury because my white blood was low after a week of being in icu the docs finialy  got my condition under control where i can have surgury if they are telling u to lost a few pounds u should do it because i almost die just from gallstones.