small intestine erosion ?
by alexaadap, Nov 07, 2011
i just received the results of a capsule endoscopy. the results said.  Small intestine erosion.

What does this mean?, i dont see my GI until next month

thank you in advanced
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by S. Kaul, MDBlank, Nov 08, 2011
Hi there!

Erosion refers to loss of superficial layer of cells that lines the GI internally. This is less severe variety of an ulcer which is often deeper. These may be responsible for symptoms like pain/ discomfort, small amounts of bleeding etc. If smaller these have a good prognosis and are likely to heal well; unless associated with a secondary factor like chronic trauma, chronic infections, autoimmune/inflammatory conditions etc. It would be best to discuss your results in detail with your doctor.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!