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Really need advice
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This support group is for those who are suffering from stress or anxiety associated with uncertain HIV status. HIV anxiety is extremely isolating for those who are going through it, as it is often very difficult to discuss with friends and family members. This group is provided for sufferers of HIV anxiety to discuss their fears in a supportive environment. Those with anxiety over non-HIV STDs are also welcome. For personal advice concerning HIV risk, testing, and prevention, please post in the HIV Prevention Community.

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Really need advice

I know iv posted a lot but its got a hold of me and im worried sick..

I have symptoms strongly suggestive of hiv if this was due to it the tests would be positive right ?

I have tested up too 42 days with early duo at 21 days to try and catch antigen..

My glands are as hard as bullets in my neck and my mouth doesn't feel like mine anymore.. Its in a mess.
I need to know if anyone has ever changed status after 42 days anyone out there who can help ?

Any suggestions of what some one would do in my shoes
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Ok, what was your risk if you dont mind me asking please?

As for the tests, forhet symptoms. 99% of posters have so called HIV symptoms, although their are no specific symptoms related to HIV, so thats why they are pointless, not to mention everyone with symptoms nearly always test negative.

So to answer your questions.

If you had symptoms of HIV would you test positive, YES you would. The reason being that you have created antibody's against the infection so the test would pick that up and you would have tested positive. A negative test means you do not have symptoms.

Also your 6 week test is 99% conclusive if you had a risk, so your very much in the clear and dont have  alot to worry about.

The Fact the Dr Jose has told you this, who is an HIV expert and the main forum, im not sure what else a humble poster like me can add so asking questions to everyone and every forum will only give you the same answers.

I hope this has answered your PM to me?
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