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Weak Left side...
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Weak Left side...

  I'm Male, 20 years of age, about 2months ago I think I suffered from a panic
  attacck, I think that this was induced from eating too much cannabus.  
  I'm not a smoker or a regurlar cannabis user, but since then I have a slighty
  weaker side of my body which is the left side.  Could I have suffered a slight
  heart attack? that could have weakened it?  As One night, trying to get to sleep
  It felt that my heart had stopped and it felt like I was going to faint until
  I sat up in bed and my heart started racing again.  I never get angina pains.
  And recently I awake from sleep with my 2 end fingers of my arm tingling and the
  sensation running down have of my arm, like it is cut in half from the middle
  finger down.  I am curious to know what I might have wrong with my heart.
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Dear Johann,
The symptoms you describe do not sound like a heart attack.  Most heart attacks are caused be
atherosclerotic deposits that accumulate over years, sparing twenty-year-olds.  Some other mechanisms do indeed exist  that may cause heart attacks in young men, but these are typically due to the use of drugs like cocaine, or spasm of the coronary arteries.  
The weakness of the left side that you describe suggests the possibility of a stroke-- a disorder of blood flow to the brain, and not a heart attack.  Also, the tingling in the arm is consistent with sleeping on your elbow in such a position as to put pressure on the ulnar nerve-- much like hitting the "funny bone".  This,  to our great relief, is not cardiac in origin either.  In fact, it's most likely that there is nothing at all the matter with your heart.  You might consider submitting a question to the neurology forum regarding the weakness and the tingling.  
Best of luck.   Information in the Heart Forum is for general purposes.  Specific diagnoses and therapies can only be provided by your physician.  

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