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Avoiding Viread (tenofovir) side effects
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Avoiding Viread (tenofovir) side effects

Hi There
I was diagnosed a while ago (1992) with chronic hepB and, since my ALT and viral load was very low, I just didn't "sero convert". It was not scary, so I forgot about it.
I travelled a lot and just didn't think I was in danger of anything. I am an avid runner ( ran ultras, i.e. 50mile and 100k races and plenty of marathons)
Last year, for a check up, My doctor found the ALT were too high (in the 200's). Since it may have been caused by ultra running, I stopped running for a while, and the ALT were still high. my viral load is also high but in the borderline for considering treatment. interestingly, my CK was super high, which the Hepathologist never understood. Liver biopsy (not fun) we good, very small inflamation (inflammation), no fibrosis...
After a long thinking with the hepathologist, we decided to take Viread (Tenofovir).
it's been 3 weeks and I keep having strange symptoms.  I don't know if they are from the treatment.
they include headache (like a sinusitis), diarhea (diarrhea), fatigue (the most annoying), and trouble to focus (the scary one).
Does anyone know if it could be the treatment? if so, is it worth mentioning to the doctor? I take the pills in the morning. would taking them before going to sleep help? anything to prevent kidney problem? and, above all, Is anyone doing lots of sports with Viread?
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they include headache (like a sinusitis), diarhea (diarrhea), fatigue (the most annoying),

they can happen with tnf, give it few more weeks and see if they clear but the most important is baseline creatinine and then weekly tests only for the first month of creatinine to see if any variation occurs.creatinine clearance would be a better test because creatinine might be normal even if kidneys function gets lower but urine collection is very annoying
microalbumin levels besides creatinine might be also a good test

i know this because my kidneys don t tollerate tnf and have had small rises with etv+alinia combo but always within range and with normal clearance.reason of this might be fatty liver  or severe fibrosis since etv and alinia have no effect on kidneys

if so, is it worth mentioning to the doctor?
yes, in case of sides entecavir is the other good choice but polimerase resistance test is necessary because etv has high resistance rates with lam mutants which can be easily present even naturally

anything to prevent kidney problem?
coq10 200-300mg daily, nac 1500-2000mg daily, milk thrstle, lipoic acid, lipo glutathione but i'd wait for hbvdna to be und to avoid any possible interference with tnf.among these only milk thrstle is reported as possible interference with antivirals
there is an old post on this subject
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