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Can a former hepatitis B carrier work in Dubai?
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Can a former hepatitis B carrier work in Dubai?

Hi Sir/Ma'am

I'm a Chinese who just got an offer to work in Dubai as a manager responsible for telecommunication equipment installation. I was infected with hepatitis B before. Even though my body has cleared the hepatitis B virus on its own, I don't know whether the UAE government will permit me to work there.
The following is my blood test result in China:

HBsAg  0.02 ng/ml Negative
HbsAb 52.63 mIU/ml Positive
HBeAg 0.09 PEI U/ml Negative
HBeAb 0.6 PEI U/ml Positive
HBcAb >4.050 PEI U/ml Positive

1. I heard that gulf countries only test the HBsAg level for hepatitis B.
2. Do you know the situation in Katar, because I'll first get skill training in Doha if I am good to work in Dubai.
3. Please tell me whether this result is Okay;
4. Or please give me a phone number/email address where I can get the information I need.

Thank you very much for your time!
Looking forward to your reply.

Best regards!
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Hi, you are right they may take only the Hbs Ag and Hbs Ab levels. As per the results you are immune to hepatitis B infection. The other parameters namely Hbe Ab and Hbc Ab just indicate that there has been a past infection. But check on the core antibody, Hbc Ab. If HepB Core IgG Antibody is reactive, than you are in a chronic state or you had an infection in the past, which was resolved by your immune system. If HepB Core IgM Antibody is reactive, than you are in an acute state, which is an 95% chance to be cured (IgG must be nonreactive, otherwise you are in chronic active phase). Regards.
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