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Hepatitis B Test Results
Hi! I have hepatitis B.  I'd like to know if I can transfer the virus to my husband and if I can transfer the virus to my baby (through breast feeding).  My baby was immunized after I gave birth.  But I would still like to know if it is safe to breastfeed...

The following are my test results:

SGPT/ALT 16.70 U/L   5-31

Total Protein/ALB/GLOB

Total Protein 81.40 g/L    64-87
Albumin 45.24 g/L      35-50
Globulin 36.16 g/L     23-35
Albumin/Globulin Ratio   1.250


Indirect Bilirubin  3.11 umol/L   1.71-17.10
Direct Bilirubin   2.00  umol/L   0-5.30
Total Bilirubin  5.11 umol/L   1.71-20.52


HBsAg w/ Titer (ECLIA)  2559.00    C.O.V. 1.000 REACTIVE

HBeAG (ECLIA)  0.124   C.O.V.  1.000  NON REACTIVE
Anti HBe (ECLIA)  0.004 C.O.V.  1.000  REACTIVE

Liver Ultrasound
Liver is normal in size.  It has smooth margin and homogeneous parenchyma. No focal mass lesion seen.  Vascular structures are normal in size and course. Intrahepatic and extrahepatic bile ducts are not dilated. CBD: 3mm.

Impression:  Normal sonogram of the liver and bile ducts.

Am I contagious?  Is it safe to breastfeed? Is my hepa b curable?

Please adivse...

Thank you so much!
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Am I contagious?

Is it safe to breastfeed?
yes if your baby has antibodies hbsab higher than 10mIU/ml

have you checked if your husband has hbv or cleared it since if he was not vaccinated it is very probable he has it or cleared it

Is my hepa b curable?
hepatitis meant as liver damage yes becuse drug can lower hbv replication but they can't clear hbv
you are missing the most important tests, hbvdna pcer and hbsag quantity in iu/ml, these tests can say if you are already low replication by your immune system.
if hbsag is lower than 1500iu/ml and hbvdna low it might be cleared by alinia, it is an off label therapy

if you have a chance check also liver damage by fibroscan since ultrasound can only be used to detect liver cancer early if made every 6 months but not liver damage or early cirrhosis

you are probably in low replication but check to be 100% sure
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