My mother has Hep c and latent TB
by smugglesworth, Jul 19, 2011
Hello my mother has had hep c for around 30 years now (blood transfusion) and recently got the gold blood test for tb as she was told she had it at a nursing home when her leg got broke with the skin test. She took a chest x-ray and everything is fine. However I'm very worried how to even start with this duel diagnosis.

I read ethumbutol was a first line drug but her doctors are recommending InH and vit b6
and I'm concerned as she has the hep c and this drug can increase the risk of heptotoxity .as well as be a strain on the liver.
She has complained that her legs and arms are jelly like and its worrying her and me.
She also has osteo arthritus and is somewhat limited physically because of a car accident years ago and I'm wondering if this might be a natrual progession over time as well? She's 56

I would greatly appreciate any guidance, insight or feedback. Her viral load is at a million and she does not have cirrhosis, however she hasn't had a liver biopsy done only ultrasound.

How urgent is care? What are possible complications that are caused with treatment for tb and is there a way to avoid them?
Also does her hep c have a chance of strengthening if treatment for tb is carried out?

Do I have to seriously worry about a liver transplant being possible? if so that terrifies me.
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by oscarguy, Jul 19, 2011
    Well I successfully treated my hepatitis C infection using daily doses of BHT [ butylated hydroxytoluene ]. Like your mother, I am also a carrier of TB. The dosage I used was 200mg of BHT per day with water on an EMPTY STOMACH. I wait about one hour before eating to allow for maximum absorbtion of the METABOLITES of BHT. BHT itself is only very slightly water soluble and has to be metabolized before absorbtion can occur. Simply put: one or more oxygen atoms are incorporated unto the BHT molecule in a number of different ways to make BHT water soluble. I am 62 years old, not a young person also.
     This BHT stuff really does work as a treatment for hepatitis C and is relatively safe to take in the small doses I have discussed. The NOEL [ No-Observed-Effects-Level ] for BHT as to TOXICITY is 25mg per kg of bodyweight per day. That works out to 1,250mg per day for a 110 pound person.
   I was quite sick with hepatitis C back in 1997. A failing liver and all that. I was WELL in about 3 to 4 weeks. By well I mean my liver function test were back to NORMAL and I was symptum FREE with daily dosing of BHT.
   Now, like I said before I am also a carrier of TB. Now this TB infection became active during this period of time I was sick with hepatitis C. Chest X-rays showed calcium deposits consistent with an active TB infection.
   I was getting a little freaked out about then, just a little. I was worried The VA [ Veterans Administration ] would order me to be institutionalized for TB. Anyway I continued taking my BHT and in about another month or two my chest X-rays cleared up and I was no longer required to check in with the VA outpatient clinic.
    I continue to take daily doses of BHT to this day and have NEVER suffered any ill effects doing so.
   So, make what you will of all that. In my opinion, based on my experience, BHT is both safe and effective for treating hepatitis C with a know carrier of TB.   ...Oscar
by smugglesworth, Jul 19, 2011
Your story certainly eased my stress level for the night Oscar. I've been reading quite a lot since last week and haven't seen BHT mentioned once that's quite a pleasant surprise :)

My mom is all about natural and homeopathic if given the chance so this will definately make her smile.

How did you start taking BHT for hep c?

my moms liver is doing pretty well it's TB I'm worried might be wearing down her body without being too apparent about, especially since she broke her leg like two years ago she noticed her muscle tone change and decrease and then the doctor said it's wasting but that doctors (as sorry as I am to say it ) rather unreliable as far as confidence goes.

Boy it cleared your TB up too huh?
by oscarguy, Jul 20, 2011
  Dear smugglesworth, I do not want to confuse you. I think the reason the TB infection became active is because the hepatitis C infection had severely compromised my liver and therefore my immune system. The failing liver caused the TB infection to become active. And, my liver`s recovery led to my immune system`s ability to cope with a TB infection once again.
    Am I clear about that ? But, BHT has proven to be an immune system booster also. TB is a bacterial infection, NOT a viral infection. Never the less, enhancing the immune system is a very big help in coping with a TB infection. So, in conclusion: I do not think of BHT as an antibacterial compound. But, I see good reason to believe it can boost the immune system. There have been many and I do mean many studies done that show a definate Average Lifespan Increase with daily dosing with BHT beginning with Dr. Dehnam Harman`s studies back in the 1950s. A between 30 and 50% average life span increase. The Journal PHYSIOLOGICAL REVIEWS discusses all this here:   http://physrev.physiology.org/content/87/4/1175/T3.expansion.html
by fretboard, Jul 20, 2011
I'm surprised to hear that BHT is helping you in your fight against HepC.  Most of the information I've read about BHT is negative and nothing I've read promotes using it as an aid in fighting HepC.  Do you know of a link to a study about BHT and HepC?  BTW, why not just tx your HepC with the drugs that are available and actually cure people?

The following information is about your BHT.

ingredients in a product that can cause changes in the taste or color. As such, it is primarily used to prevent fats in foods from becoming rancid – but it is also used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, jet fuels, rubber, petroleum products, electrical transformer oil, and embalming fluid. Yummy! Sure sounds like something that should definitely be in our food, right? Turns out this additive, used in all the above, has a lovely MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) that says the following:

    * Do NOT let this chemical enter the environment.
    * Combustible.
    * Ingestion causes Abdominal pain. Confusion. Dizziness. Nausea. Vomiting.
    * The substance may have effects on the liver.
    * The substance is harmful to aquatic organisms.

Makes it look even more appetizing to have in our food and in our cosmetics! The Cosmetics Database rates BHT as having a “high hazard to high hazard depending on product usage” and says it has been shown to be linked to cancer, developmental toxicity, allergies, neurotoxicity, endocrine disruption, biochemical or cellular level changes. So what kinds of products, other than our food (it is FDA approved for use in food), can BHT be found in? How about a short list as a primer for you to check out:

    * Neutrogena Sunblock Stick, SPF 60+
    * Avon ANEW ULTIMATE Skin Transforming Cream
    * K-Y Touch Massage 2-in-1 Warming Body Massage & Personal Lubricant
    * CVS Beauty Bars Sensitive Skin
    * Dove Beauty Bar Soap, Sensitive Skin
    * Neutrogena Skin Smoothing Body Lotion

Pretty popular products, right? And who wants to use a product or eat a food that has ingredients also used in jet fuels and embalming fluid? Before you buy a product, I highly suggest you check out lists like the one I referenced to see exactly what you are buying.
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by oscarguy, Jul 21, 2011
Yes, of course I am aware of all these dire warnings about BHT. Who is not ? BUT, unlike you, I actually read the very many studies [ over 200 such studies ] that give a NOEL [ No-Observed-Effects-Level ] for BHT as to toxicity of 25mg per day per kg of body weight. A 110 pound person weighs 50 kilograms. And 25 X 50 does equal 1,250mg. So that is the NOEL for BHT. What do you think the NOEL is for interferon as to toxicity or any of the other prescribable medicines ? All the prescribable medications have severe and well documented negative impact on human health. Just read the postings in this and other forums if you doubt that. Is the use of these toxic compounds not a careful balancing act used in hope of achieving some temporary at BEST improvement ? That NOEL is based on a LIFETIME of daily dosing of BHT for the mice and different mammals. NOT some short term dosing as is what these conventional treatments are.
   Also, and IMPORTANTLY: Lifetime daily dosing with BHT has proven to be an AVERAGE LIFESPAN EXTENDER of up to 31% as shown in this PHYSIOLOGICAL REVIEWS table:    http://physrev.physiology.org/content/87/4/1175/T3.expansion.html

   There is a long informative discussion of all that here:     http://physrev.physiology.org/content/87/4/1175.full

   I expect you consider yourself more knowledgeable than the many scientists who are referenced in that article. But I do dare ask you, based on what exactly ? Do you have a PHD. in biochemistry as many of these scientists do ? And if you do, what exactly is it is that you disagree with them about ?   ...Oscar
by willbb, Jul 21, 2011
We told you here about six months ago...we would like you to list any and all studies that said the food preservative BHT could cure HCV ..You told us you could not and that  you were finished posting here.

To any and all new folks: there is no evedince whatsoever in clinical trials that the preservative BHT will do any thing to eradicate HCV.....buyer be VERY aware!

by oscarguy, Jul 21, 2011
Yes, I remember you and others. I will post a links that will not work, but you can type them in yourself in a websearch. I am sure that is too much to ask of you, but it can be done with a small effort. I will point out that those VIRAL LOAD COUNTS were not available until 2002. You and others grabbed onto the fact that I could provide viral load counts as PROOF that everything I said was untrue. All my tests were done in 1997.
    And who asked for your opinion anyway ? What suggestions do you have for MOST of the people who are prescribed these very toxic compounds, only to find out they do not work ?
    Also, not only is BHT non-toxic in the dosages I have discussed, IT IS GOOD FOR YOU as that PHYSIOLOGICAL REVIEWS table and extensive article discusses.
    So exactly what is the harm in giving BHT a 4 week trial to see if it works or not as a treatment for hepatitis C as it absolutely did for me ? Here are links to 2 others this treatment worked for in a matter of weeks, less than one month:
   January`s statement here:   http://forum.lef.org/default.aspx?f=41&m=44212

  gina`s here:   http://www.************.com/boards/showthread.php?t=567847&highlight=cirrosis%C2%A0

    So there are two such statements plus mine equals three such statements. So why not give BHT a shot in those small dosages I have discussed for that short period of time for people who are far less than happy with the prescribed medicines that are guaranteed to cause harm in even short term dosing ?
    Surely even you can see my point. Try the BHT in the small doses I have discussed for 4 weeks and see if there is the dramatic improvement or not. If not you can always quit taking BHT if you choose to. Those mice discussed in that PHYSIOLOGICAL REVIEWS article showed an: AVERAGE LIFESPAN INCREASE of 31% with a lifetime of dosing with BHT. What do YOU think would happen to a person dosed with interferon or any of the other prescribed medications for their lifetime ?
     Please go back where you came from and stop with all this non-sense about BHT being toxic at the dosages I have discussed. It, BHT, is a non-prescribeable treatment that works very well for those who have tried it and was proven to occur naturally in some phytoplankton. Every bit as natural as milk thistle or dandy lions etc., but FAR more effective.   ...Oscar
by willbb, Jul 21, 2011
What suggestions do you have for MOST of the people who are prescribed these very toxic compounds, only to find out they do not work ?

I will point them to many many studies that show clinically that the meds today have approx. 80% success rate

Show me ONE study..that says the food preservative you are trying to push .is even remotely successful in treating HCV.

Otherwise maybe it is best you stop trying to take advantage of the people here..dealing daily with this disease  and what REALl treatment is like.

When you post here you askk for all our opinions...same as you got  6 months ago from dozens of us...that the food preservative  your are shilling does not work
by oscarguy, Jul 21, 2011
   Those are not the numbers I get when web searching this topic, and like I said: many people relapse. And I ask you again, for all those who these treatments DO NOT work for:: what is the harm in trying the small doses I have discussed for 4 weeks to see whether it works or not ? Like I said BHT is good for you. Which one of these treatments can claim THAT. I did not write that PHYSIOLOGICAL REVIEWS article. A very many scientists did. So just exactly what is the harm in giving BHT a try for one month ? Answer that question. All sorts of alternative treatments are discussed in this forum. Not a one of them can claim an Average Lifespan Increase of 31%. BHT CAN and does. NOT my opinion. What studies have been done as to milk thistle or any of the alternative treatments as to their effectiveness as a treatment for hepatitis C ? BHT is good for you whether you have hepatitis C or not. GOT THAT !   ...Oscar