SGPT high (102)
by HakimiB, Jun 19, 2009
I got high value of SGPT (102) in a test I underwent for life insurance. I donot drink or smoke or consume alcohol or tabacco. I have undergone any blood transfusion or intravenous injection.
Then how did I got such high SGPT?
My phusicial told me you have liver fatigue or its swallen. What can be causes and prevention for this?
I am a heavy tea drinker. Is this  possible due to high intake of tea?
Please advise.
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by jake51286, Oct 16, 2012
102 is actually still manageable. Essentiale forte or Milk thisle could help you regenerate your cells in liver. Stay away from too much fatty food, processed food, dairy products because they have a lot of hormones, preservatives and chemicals which make your liver do extra work on.