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Thyroid Awareness Month is January & Oprah's Wt. Gain Story rel...
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Thyroid Awareness Month is January & Oprah's Wt. Gain Story release yesterday - (more inside...)

If you or someone you know has a thryoid issue please recommend they stop by our community ....

January '09 is Thyroid Awareness Month and our community is trying to do our best to help promote Thyroid Awareness in January and  throughout the coming year .  

Whatever our Community and extended MedHelp family can offer to accomplish our efforts, is much appreciated.  We welcome you to stop by thyroid ..  even if you'd just like to {{ wave hello }}.


Yesterday Oprah was in the news talking about her weight gain and hypothyroid problems.  

Associated Press News Article - 12/10
Oprah Winfrey says she Weighs 200 Lbs.

Article that will appear in the January O issue:

Wanted to share this article with you ... weight gain is an issue so many of us struggle with (me included).

Co-CL Thyroid

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I got Hasimotos it barely effects my life just one .100mcg synthroid a day, no big deal.
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