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Constant severe headaches(by eyes) and dizziness
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Constant severe headaches(by eyes) and dizziness

      Re: Constant severe headaches(by eyes) and dizziness

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Posted by CCF Neurosurgery MD on December 19, 1997 at 10:08:10:

In Reply to: Constant severe headaches(by eyes) and dizziness posted by Ann Stockmeyer on December 10, 1997 at 01:59:20:

: Hello.  I am a 21 year old female, and I am feeling hopeless.  I have been having a problem with constant severe headache on lower forehead and by eyes, and constant dizziness that came and never left for a little over a year now.   It interferes with my work life and makes every day difficult to function normally.  The dizziness remains about the same everyday,  and the headaches are there every day all day to different severities (no patterns).  The following tests have been done: MRI, Sinus Xrays, Pupil dilating, Spinal tap(for what was thought to be benign intracranial hypertension), ENG balance test, in which all were negative.  I have tried numerous antidepressants, meclizine, decongestant/antihistamine, atenelol, and now beginning Midrin.  So far no change!  I got treated for TMJ with biteplate (even though Xrays of jaw showed no problem).  I have also tried the chiropractor route, and he was giving me an ultrasound treatment on my forehead and what I found interesting is that when he hit a certain spot (between eyebrows) on my forehead the pain would increase excruciatingly and when slided around forehead off that spot, it would go back to baseline.  I am really scared that I am never going to feel normal again!  This has been so hard on me and my family at home here!  Please help me!  Are there any other possibilities left?
Dear Ann,
The headaches and dizziness you describe are not typical of migraine.  The
appropriate workup has been done to rule out benign intracranial hypertension,
sinus disease, and TMJ pain.  Your physicians have tried numerous medications
with no avail.  These situations are difficult, as the usual causes have been
investigated.  One salient point may be that often headaches can be associated
to significant stress in a patient's life.  
Two suggestions.  First you may consider seeing a neurologist who specializes
in headaches.  He may have some further ideas to offer.  Second you may consider
seeing a psychiatrist.  The latter can have negative connotations for patients
as many think only 'crazy' people see psychiatrists.  You'd be surprised.
Besides exploring life issues, the psychiatrist will be able to offer relaxation
techniques and perhaps mental imagery that could prove greatly beneficial in
your case.  Give it some thought.
Good luck.

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