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Post Lumbar Puncture & Blood patch('s) headache continues...

  Back in March of 1998 I underwent an epidural steroid injection into my lower back in hopes that it would alleviate the pain due to two protruding discs. Unfortunately, the post lumbar puncture headaches came into play soon there after. A bllod patch was performed to correct the problem. The problem came back when I was on vacation in Peurto Rico about 4 days after the blood patch was performed. Another blood patch was performed at a hospital in peurto Rico, but didn't really work for more than 3 hours.
  The headaches eventually became tolerable, lasting longer than Dr's had expected (about 6 weeks) and eventually subsided for the most part.
  I have continued to have since then, headaches very similar to the post lumbar puncture headaches bothering mostly the lower left quadrant of my head and also the area behind the eyes.
  This headache is exactly the same as what I experienced after the intial puncture. They are definitely not as severe as they were then, but they are still very bothersome and often times more than I can handle.
  I have never in my life suffered from any type of headache until this entire episode occurred. The only time that can even come close is when I fractured my skull at the age of 12, and the headaches that occurred then were nothing compared to this.
  Any input that you might have is greatly appreciated.
Thanks for the question. Sorry to hear about your difficult time. Most post LP HA are positional in that patients have the HA when they are up and it resolves when in the supine position. Some patients will persist to have what is called a low pressure headache even after a spinal tap. The diagnosis is made by a spinal tap and pressure measurment which I'm sure you are not interested in doing. I would recommend you see a neurologisat who can get a complete history and physical examination to rule out other causes of headache. We have treated several low pressure headaches with caffiene tablets that have been very effective - you may wish to discuss this with your LMDr. If you wish a referral to CCF call 216 444 5559.
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